What We Do: Health, Maternity and Babies, and Advice Line


* **Child health**

– Birth to five years (and up to 19 years for children with disabilities)

– Childhood immunisations

– School nursing (including sexual health services)

– Health visiting

– Special needs nursing

* **Sexual health**

– Contraception and emergency contraception

– Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV testing

– Pregnancy testing

– Termination of pregnancy services

– Vasectomy and female sterilisation

* **Healthy lifestyles**

– Stop smoking services

– Weight management services

– Alcohol and drug misuse services

– Healthy eating advice

– Physical activity advice

* **Other**

– Travel health

– Occupational health

– NHS Health Checks

**Maternity and babies**

* **Antenatal care**

– Midwife appointments throughout your pregnancy

– Scans and tests

– Parent education classes

* **Labour and birth**

– Choice of hospital or home birth

– Midwife-led care

– Consultant-led care

– Pain relief options

* **Postnatal care**

– Midwife and health visitor appointments

– Breastfeeding support

– Baby checks

* **Neonatal care**

– Care for sick and premature babies

– Special care baby unit

**Advice Line**

Our Advice Line nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give you expert health information and advice. They can also book you an appointment with a health professional if necessary.

You can contact the Advice Line on 0845 678 9102.

**Other services**

* **Pharmacy**

* **Optometry**

* **Dentistry**

* **Minor surgery**

* **Podiatry**

* **Counselling**

* **Physiotherapy**

* **Occupational therapy**

* **Speech and language therapy**

* **Dietetics**

* **Complementary therapies**

We also provide a range of other services, such as:

* **Health information**

* **Support groups**

* **Volunteering opportunities**

To find out more about our services, please visit our website or call our Advice Line on 0845 678 9102..

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