Why I Can’t Live Without My Beluga Baby Wrap

I was a little uncertain of the Beluga Baby Wrap at first. But as a new mom to the sweetest little 8-week-old boy, a 6-year-old and a 2-year-old, life got real busy! It’s hard to get everything done and give all my sweet babes the attention they crave and deserve. This is why I had to try the baby wrap and now I literally could not live without my wrap carrier. Baby wraps do more than just allow you to be hands-free, they help the baby (and you) in many, many ways.

They promote bonding between mother and child, help with sleep and breastfeeding, calm a fussy baby, reduce overall crying, and encourage increased learning. If you have a new baby or if you are expecting, I recommend getting yourself a baby carrier. This post will explain how wearing your baby benefits both you and your little one and will give you a chance to win my favorite carrier the Beluga Baby Wrap.

Why a Beluga Baby Wrap?

There are a lot of different types of carriers. The most common are soft-structured, ring slings and wrap style carriers. They all have different benefits, but for my newborn, I prefer the wrap style. A lot of carriers are not safe for a baby under 12 lbs or require a special newborn insert, so make sure you check the specifications of each carrier before you purchase.

I have a few different styles of wraps and carriers but my favorite right now is the Beluga Baby Wrap. It is made from bamboo fabric making it SO soft while still having a good amount of stretch. I love how breathable the fabric is as I found I got really hot in some of my thicker wraps. It is easy to use, fits all different body types, and rolls up small enough to tuck in your diaper bag. It also makes it easy for me to get things done while being close to my baby.

Wraps Free Up Your Hands

I often hear from new moms that their newborns “want to be held ALL the time”. This is completely normal for a newborn but can be incredibly overwhelming as a new parent. The first few days are glorious, snuggling your sweet baby, taking in those tiny toes and newborn smell.

But after a few days, the reality sets in and it is hard to get much done when you are holding a newborn ALL the time. Babywearing offers the solution by providing your baby the closeness they need and freeing up your hands so you can eat a meal or throw a load of laundry in. Wearing your baby can also decrease how much they cry, and the Beluga Baby wrap makes it super easy to wear your baby

Wraps Help Calm a Fussy Baby and Reduce Crying

Babies go through fussy periods and evenings can be especially tough. I’ve been there, you go through the checklist: diaper’s clean, they’re fed, warm enough ”¦what can be wrong? Sometimes they just need to be held. When my little guy is really fussy I put him in our Beluga baby wrap and he settles. It is magical.

It is also scientifically proven, a 1986 study found that infants who were carried more had a decrease in crying by 43%. In turn, reduced infant crying is shown to increase the maternal sense of well-being and happiness. Basically, a happy baby equals a happy mama and babywearing makes everyone happy. To top it off, it also can help your baby learn more!

Babies Worn In Carriers Learn More

Wearing your baby decreases their overall crying and fussiness. This means they have more time to absorb social cues from you and the world around them. When babies are worn, they are closer to the wearer making it easier for them to pick up on their facial expressions and use of language. They also go where the wearer goes, so they are exposed to new and varied environments more than if they were to remain in one place. All of this adds up to more opportunities for the baby to learn, which might work up an appetite. And it doesn’t stop there, babywearing can improve your little one’s digestion!

Baby Wearing Can Improve Breastfeeding Success and Baby’s Digestion

Wearing your baby keeps them very close to you. This closeness increases your prolactin levels which in turn increases your milk supply. It’s the same reason that skin-to-skin at birth helps encourage your milk to come in. 

Being close to your baby also enables you to pick up on your baby’s hunger cues quicker allowing for more frequent feedings. Good thing you can nurse your baby while they are in the wrap! The upright position of your baby while in the wrap can help calm gas and colic and decrease reflux and its associated symptoms. Decreased discomfort can help your little one sleep better. 

Wraps Can Help With Sleep

Newborns sleep a lot. Their little bodies are developing at such a fast rate that they need frequent feedings and sleep to keep up. This can make going anywhere difficult. I love to use my wrap when I have errands to do. My little guy is not a fan of his car seat and won’t fall asleep in it. In the wrap, he will easily nap on the go while I shop, visit with a friend or take a walk. 

How To Use A Wrap Carrier

When I had my first baby I was nervous to try a wrap carrier. It seemed complicated but it actually isn’t that difficult. Some tips if you are new to babywearing are to watch an instructional video first, use a mirror the first few times to see what you are doing when tying your wrap and to tie it tighter than you think as the fabric will stretch to accommodate your baby. Whether the Beluga Baby Wrap or another carrier, make sure to follow the safety guidelines of the product you are using. 

Beluga Baby has some great tutorials on their site showing how to use and tie your wrap carrier properly. You can check out their full line on Amazon

About the Author:

Robin Forslund is a Registered Nurse, Lactation Counsellor and runs The Mama Coach in Edmonton, Alberta. After welcoming her first daughter and struggling with sleep and breastfeeding, Robin became passionate about helping other women find their confidence and joy in motherhood.

When she isn’t in the ER or helping other mamas, Robin can be found
enjoying all that life can offer surrounded by her two beautiful daughters, new baby boy, and
fabulous husband (probably with a coffee in hand).

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