Professional Sleep Advice Right at Your Fingertips: The Huckleberry App

Wondering what approach you want to take when sleep training your sweet baby? We know this is no easy decision and more importantly, there is no right or wrong. Every family has different needs and desires when it comes to their baby’s sleep routine. This is exactly why we recommend every mama tries out Huckleberry. 

I turned to Huckleberry when my 3.5 month old, who had been sleeping great and napping in long stretches, suddenly was fighting sleep with all he had. It made a huge difference for us and in just a short period of time, he is returning to his happy, good sleeper self.

The Basic Idea Behind of the Huckleberry App

Huckleberry provides sleep guidance from experts specifically tailored to you and your child. It doesn’t matter if you are cosleeping, doing night feedings, or looking for a gentle approach… you can use this app! On top of being totally adaptable, it is an affordable solution in comparison with hiring a traditional sleep consultant.

They use both pediatric sleep experts and AI to come up with a sleep plan that works for you. They can help solve everything from the little problems (like short naps) to big problems (like “hey, no one in our house has slept more than 2 hours straight for months”). With their sleep plans, you will be given week-by-week sleep guides and follow-ups to help you truly reach success.

More than just sleep advice, you can also track feedings, growth, temperature, and set reminders for medication. Their app also has an incredible free feature called SweetSpot that gives optimal sleep time predictions making naps and bedtimes easier by making sure your baby isn’t under tired or overtired.

The App + Services Available

The Huckleberry App

Don’t fret, with the app alone you can find leaps and bounds of help! You will be able to track feedings, sleep, growth, temperatures, and more. You will also have access to SweetSpot®, which predicts when your child should be ready to sleep next, and monthly reports.

Single Sleep Plan

On top of everything above, with the Single Sleep Plan, you will be able to take the diagnostic quiz and have a sleep analysis done. You will get a custom schedule from this analysis as well as week by week sleep guides. 

This will cost you a one-time fee of $29.99. Available through the Huckleberry website only.

Huckleberry Premium

Here is where things get really good! On top of everything the other two plans include, with Premium you will have follow-ups about your sleep schedules and guides to work out any issues or concerns. You will also have a customizable SweetSpot.

This will cost you $14.99/month. 

How Huckleberry Premium Works

1. You take a questionnaire.

2. Track your little one’s sleep for a couple of days.

3. The algorithm and the experts took a look at your data. 

4. A custom sleep plan is created for you to follow. We really love that the guidance given is simple and easy to follow. These plans are completely achievable. Plus, you will receive follow-ups with the experts. 

Try Huckleberry Out Today!

It all sounds pretty good, right? Don’t waste another minute struggling to figure out what your baby needs when it comes to sleep. Head to Huckleberry and let them help you find a solution! 

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