Join a playgroup for YOURSELF

Call it a Mom’s Group, call it a playgroup, call it whatever you like, but be sure that you’re clear on the objective: connecting with other mothers who you are going to enjoy.

If Gymboree is not fun for you, don’t go!

It is extremely helpful to have a circle of moms who you know in real-life who are also sleep training, breastfeeding, toilet training, or working full-time when you are so that you can compare notes, share resources, swap toys, and support each other. So while we encourage you to join a group of some kind, it is also important to give yourself permission to try a different one or a different solution.

Some moms have told me that the mom’s group they joined made them feel bad. Not ok. Quit, and look for a different option, alright?

But do not believe for one second that your 10-month old simply must socialize with other babies on a weekly basis or you are failing him.

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