11 Amazing Self Love Books to Inspire you to be a better mom!

One thing I’ve learned over the last 15 years (damn, I’m old) is that being a good mommy is being a mom who loves herself. You might be turned off from the thought of self-care because it’s so easy to just think “I’ve got this,” but even if you are killing it at this motherhood thing everyone could use some pause and reflection. I’m working on making sure to tie some self-love into every single day, and I have no doubt it’s making me a better woman and mom. There are many ways that you can practice self-love, but I’ve found that self love books for moms are the easiest way to get in the right mindset. They teach you about all the other options you have as well, which makes them a great starting point.

11 Amazing Self Love Books to Inspire you to be a better mom!

Confessions of a Scary Mommy

This pick might not be your typical idea of a self help book, but it sure is relatable and we could all use a little reminding that we aren’t the only ones dealing with all the craziness motherhood brings. More than anything, this book will set you straight in the fact that no mom is perfect (all though I like when my husband lies to me and tells me that I am) and all those thoughts you have but don’t admit someone else is probably having too. Also, it’s a New York Times Bestseller so you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Walking on Eggshells: Navigating the Delicate Relationship Between Adult Children and Parents

While I don’t have adult children yet, and many of you probably don’t either you can never start too early in preparing for your inevitable future as a parent. It focuses on how to have the right balance once your kids leave the nest. The great thing about this read is that it will probably help to improve the relationship with your own parents or at least to understand them, which in turn can make you an even better momma.

Hands Free Mama

Hands-free Mama is a great self love book as our world is becoming more and more centered around technology and social media. This looks into both positive and negatives and how to best live in this technology-filled world. One of these negatives is being constantly distracted from what’s happening right in front of us. This book gives you strategies for focusing on the people you love the most and making soul connections. The author even chronicles how she begins to realize all the little moments she was missing out on were her truest source of happiness.

Only Love Today

Written by the same author as Hands Free Mama, this book is filled with little reminders and quotes of encouragement. It’s great to have this book somewhere in your house or maybe even in your car to pick up and read whenever you’re feeling worn out and beat down. You’ll probably find that having this lil’ lifesaver around will turn your days around in no time.

36 Hours: 150 Weekends in USA and Canada

I know we are not supposed to judge books by their cover, but I mean this one is just so pretty! It definitely is one of those books that can sit out on your coffee table to be picked up and read by anyone who stops by. It’s a travel book full of cheap and easy getaways all across the USA and Canada. All moms deserve a break sometimes and this book will help you remember to do just that. The graphics throughout the book are fun and it’s written in a conversational tone, so even trying to plan your getaway should feel like a relaxing talk with a close friend. 

Running Like a Girl: Notes on Learning to Run

There’s nothing like exercise for an immediate boost of happiness, but it’s also an important part of your confidence and self love in the long run. Alexandra Heminsley hilariously documents her journey to become a runner in this self love book. It is super relatable because like so much else in life, running does not just come naturally to all of us. She falls and picks herself up again and again which is so inspiring.

You are a Badass

There are tons of people who absolutely adore this self love book and while it isn’t made just for moms, the self-help advice still applies. It was written by a self-help coach who travels the world and does this for a living. It’s full of 27 mini reads that will help you get your life on track and put all your goals in arms reach.

Wherever You Go, There You Are

This is the book for you if you’re thinking you need some meditation added to your daily routine. The author gives many different techniques and describes their benefits, but at the very least they are all a little exercise for your consciousness.

The Champagne Diet

The Champagne Diet is all about incorporating healthy lifestyle habits into your daily life to make you feel good about yourself and your body. Get this though, there’s no diet scheme and you won’t be keeping track of the numbers on the scale. This book will encourage you to indulge in the things that make you happiest. It’s a lifestyle guide for the woman who wants to celebrate herself every day, and I think all moms deserve some celebration.

Maxed Out: American Moms on the Brink

I have a feeling quite a few of you can relate to this title just like I can. So many of us have more on our plate than we even realize, and this book is an incredible reminder of how pushing ourselves too far has negative effects. We have to learn to take care of ourselves and also the fellow moms around us. The author, Katrina Alcorn, will help you navigate the balance between work, life, and motherhood.

Becoming Mom Strong

While this is a book focused mainly on Christian motherhood, there is still something for everyone to take away. We live in a world different than the mothers that came before us, and raising kids takes some extra strength now. We all want our kids to be strong, confident and set out on the right path.

The Magic of Motherhood

Motherhood can be pretty tough, but it’s also extremely rewarding and full of magical moments. This book is about making the most of those magic moments, but it’s also a book that lets you know in the hardest moments you are not alone.

Breathe Mama Breathe

Life moves fast, so this book will give you 5-minute routines to reset through meditation. My very favorite is, “Cuddle your child and take three deep breaths together.” I think we all could use a little of that even on our most hectic days.

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  • Confessions of a Scary Mommy
  • Walking on Eggshells
  • Hands Free Mama
  • Only Love Today
  • 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in the USA and Canada
  • Running Like a Girl
  • You are a Badass
  • Wherever You Go, There You Are
  • The Champagne Diet
  • Maxed Out: American Moms on the Brink
  • Becoming Mom Strong
  • The Magic of Motherhood
  • Breathe Mama Breathe

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