A Mid Century Crib + 10 Other Stunning Nursery Items

Are you in the middle of designing your mid-century style nursery? Well, look no more, because we have researched and compiled a list of nursery items perfect for that mid-century style you might be going for. From a mid century crib to bookcases and even changing tables, we have everything to fulfill your design needs and dreams!

Now, we all know that searching for the right furniture and décor for any room you are designing can be a daunting task. That is why we hope this list of mid-century style items for your nursery will be a worthy tool for you on your nursery designing journey!

Mid-century style is perfect if you are looking to have a gender-neutral nursery. Starting with a mid century crib and adding items from there is a great way to map out your design plans for the room.  To aid in your design journey let us introduce you to 10 Stunning Items for your mid-century style nursery!

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Mid Century Crib: 10 Stunning Items for your Mid-Century Style Nursery

Mid-Century Convertible Crib – West Elm

This gorgeous mid century crib at West Elm will be the focal point of your nursery. This crib is made with sustainably sourced wood that is dried for extra strength with a water-based finish to make it child safe. This gender-neutral crib also grows with your baby as it converts into a toddler bed when your little one is ready!

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Mid-Century 6-Drawer Changing Table – West Elm

Now, being a Mom of two I still would not consider myself an expert but, I WILL say that a changing table is a MUST in a nursery. A changing table is what saved me a lot of back pain when changing my little ones at all hours of the day. That said, why not have a stylish changing table!

This West Elm mid-century 6-drawer changing table is a gorgeous addition to your nursery; especially if you have already purchased your mid century crib to go with it!

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Mid-Century Bookrack – West Elm & Pottery Barn Kids

Books filled up my nursery when I was pregnant, which is why I absolutely needed a book rack. The beauty about this West Elm & Pottery Barn Kids, mid-century book rack is that it’s not only made from solid eucalyptus wood, it’s also easy to stack, store and display all your kid’s favorite books!

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Gradasi Teal Quartz Rug – Ruggable

Every nursery needs a rug to give it that warm look and feel you want to bring your baby home to. This Gradasi Teal Quartz Rug is the perfect way to add that pop of color into your mid-century style nursery. For that modern minimalistic mama out there looking to finishing up their design vision, this rug adds that unique style you might be looking for.

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Mid-Century Show Wood Recliner- West Elm

When your baby wakes up in the middle of the night for a late-night feeding, you are going to be thankful that you added a recliner or glider to the room. Not only is this wood recliner perfect for a mid-century nursery, but it is also neutral enough to be moved into other rooms of the house when your baby grows up!

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Mid-Century Wall Shelf with Book Ledge – West Elm & Pottery Barn Kids

If you are looking to keep your books up higher in your nursery, this wall shelf will probably be the ideal purchase for you. This mid-century wall shelf with book ledge organizes your loved books and can also display your newborn’s photos.

This bookshelf is also a great way to take up wall space as well as be purposeful at the same time. This again is another gender-neutral item that can easily be moved to different rooms of the house.

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Mid-Century Slim Pinboard – West Elm & Pottery Barn Kids

Perfect for any office, craft room or kid’s room, this mid-century slim pinboard ignites that creative spirit to any room dweller.  Pinboards are a great addition to a kid’s room because it not only adds a personal touch to the room, but it also encourages kids to want to display their art and photos up on the wall as their own personal art gallery.

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Moroccan Leather Pouf – West Elm

For your final touches in your mid-century style nursery, why not add this stylish Moroccan leather pouf from West Elm! This piece not only adds extra seating to the room it also comes in many different colors, which could also be that pop of color to the room you are looking for. 

I can also tell you from experience that small pieces of furniture like this are ideal for moments when you want to read to your kids in bed.

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Moira Light Single Drum Pendant – Wayfair

Finish off the atmosphere of your nursery and add this elegant drum pendant from Wayfair to the room. Not only does this light have a modern twist, but it also relaxes the room with the lovely shade.

Having a well-lit room that is not too bright is essential in a nursery. You want to be able to see everything when you are changing a diaper as well as putting your baby to sleep during bedtime.

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Mid-Century Nightstand – West Elm & Pottery Barn Kids

A nightstand can be such a purposeful piece of furniture in a nursery. It not only makes a great spot to place decorative items, but it also can hold all the essentials that you may need to have right next to your crib or changing table. 

Whether you are using this nightstand to hold baby clothes, diapers, burp cloths or blankets this West Elm and Pottery Barn Kids find is perfect to add to your mid-century nursery.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mid-Century Style Nurseries

What is mid-century style?

Mid-century style is an American design movement made famous in the 1950s and 1960s. It is characterized by being clean, simple, good material and purposeful.

What are the pros of having a mid-century style nursery?

Mid-century style is perfect for a gender-neutral nursery as well as anyone who appreciates minimalistic design style.

Will choosing to have my nursery mid-century style be costly?

Since mid-century style has been around for a very long time, you are able to find items for many different cost ranges. That said, you can have a very expensive mid-century nursery as well as a very stylish nursery at a thrifty cost.

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