Best Baby Food Maker – 7 of the Best Models Available!

Alright guys, let’s be super real here for a minute. There are a lot of trendy hippy things we all think we are going to do when we are new mamas and this totally makes sense because we want the absolute best for our little ones. We are like’ “Cloth diapers? Heck yeah, I can do that!” We swear off TV until they are at least 3. Then the baby comes along and these things all begin to fade (unless they don’t and in that case mad props to you!) because we realize we need things like sleep and our sanity. There is one thing, though, that I think is well worth doing for your baby’s health and your wallet; making baby food at home! The best baby food maker is simple to use, powerful and also simple to clean. Let’s take a look

Best Baby Food Maker – 7 of the Best Models Available!

Why Choose a Baby Food Maker (Health Benefits)

I totally get it, if you are going to spend your time making baby food you probably want to make sure it’s worthwhile. While there are tons of great options for baby food and snacks on the market these days and I completely recommend supplementing with these or relying on them for busy weeks, having the ability to make your baby’s food is so beneficial to them. It will bring you a lot of comfort knowing exactly what’s going into your babies growing body.

Many of the commercial baby foods contain far fewer nutrients than if you prepared the same thing at home because they have to be able to last on the shelf. Not only this but because these companies need to make a profit they add water and thickeners as fillers to their food, which shows just how important it is to always check ingredient labels. With the help of a baby food maker, it is pretty simple to prepare food and ensure your baby does not miss out on nutrients and vitamins they need to grow up healthy.

I am a strong believer that giving them homemade foods, especially fruits and vegetables, will give them a wider taste palette because you get to make sure they are trying all sorts of different things. Homemade food has way more flavor than any canned baby food. On top of that, you can ensure everything they do try meets whatever standards you find most important like being GMO-free or organically grown.

What You Need

  • Baby Food Maker – Processor- Investing in a baby food maker will make this whole thing actually doable. They make steaming and pureeing food easy, and I know with a growing baby sometimes the easy route is the only route. There are tons of great options at varying prices and we have reviewed some of them for you below.
  • Storage Containers- You don’t have to be a stay at home mom or constantly whipping out new batches of food to avoid store bought baby food. You can set aside some time and make a lot of foods at once, but you are going to need containers. These or these both make for great easily storable baby food containers.
  • Baby Food Recipe Book- A book like this one or this one will take away some of the thinking process and teach you how to throw some veggies in the baby food maker and call it good.
  • Cutting Board & a Good Knife- Self-explanatory. If you want to eat fresh veggies, fruits, potatoes, or meats you are going to need something to chop them with and something to chop them on. This goes for baby food just the same.
  • Sharpies or a Label Maker- If you are going to make it, you are going to want to know what it is.

The Best Baby Food Maker

Made Specifically for Baby

QOOC 4-in-1 Mini Baby Food Maker  – **Best Bang for the Buck**

Pros: The QOOC 4-in-1 Mini Baby Food Maker is definitely one of the top of line models out there and my personal favorite. I love that you can cook, purée, and reheat all in one device. It really makes clean up so much easier, and when you have kids any time savings is priceless. I love how quickly this device purées while barely making a sound. I can actually prepare food while baby is sleeping. And, the puréed food slides out so easily.

Cons: Honestly, there aren’t any cons I could think of. I scoured Amazon and one person noted that it wasn’t large enough to do large batches of baby food, but I found the quantity to be fine. Check Prices Here! 

Cuisinart Baby BFM-1000 – **Best under $100**

PROS: This is a top of the line multi-tasker. It can go from warming your bottles to steaming and pureeing 4 whole cups of food. You pour in some water, raw veggies, and turn the dial to steam then simply switch it to chop once it’s all cooked. 

Cons: Cleaning out the steam chamber is a bit of a pain and a must, so make sure to clean that are of the console. Check Prices Here!

Hamilton Beach Bebe-

PROS: Straightforward and simple, that’s what every mom needs and that’s what this food maker will do for you. On top of being able to purée the Hamilton can slice, shred and chop which are all useful features as your little one grows. It comes with 10 food containers of its own, so you won’t have to bother finding your own. With removable parts it’s also one of the easiest to clean baby food makers.

CONS: The unit vibrates around the table a lot when using the purée function. If you don’t hold it, it may move all the way over the edge.

OXO Tot Mash Maker–  **Best for on the Go**

PROS: You can turn any food, even the food from your own dinner table, into baby food with this food mill. It really works best on softer foods but anything steamed will work. It doesn’t require any electricity, so you can take this with you wherever you go. Hello picnics and camping trips!

CONS: Harder foods are difficult to grind and the top tends to come off when not smashing softer or steamed veggies.

Baby Bullet – **Long Lasting**

PROS: When my brother and his wife were pregnant with their first baby, this baby food maker was my gift to them and they love it! It’s a great option for working parents because you can make so much food in advance and the kit comes with everything you need to label and store it. It will last you through all your babies because it’s durable and easy to clean, which makes it a great choice.

Cons: You do have to cook the food beforehand, this machine just blends it for you. Check Prices Here! 

Nuk Smoothie and Baby Food Maker * Best Economy Baby Food Maker*

PROS: This bad boy has the full power of your normal blender and also comes with a kit that has everything you need. While you have to steam food separately, I still love this option because once your kiddo has outgrown baby food you can use it to make them yummy smoothies. It even comes with a little smoothie sippy cup! Check Prices Here! 

CONS: This machine is not a workhorse, thus best economy. So, if you are looking for something that will last through multiple kids, look elsewhere.

Sage Baby Puree and Blend Glass One Step-  **Easiest to Clean & Maintain!**

PROS: I absolutely love the look and the idea behind this hand blender. There’s no plastic touching your food for anyone who has health concerns about that. It’s also perfect for home and on the go. Check Prices Here!

Cons: The blending is not as strong as some other brand.

BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker and Blender  – Top of the Line!

Pros: This is another super fancy machine and while it does an amazing job, it does carry a hefty price tag. $149.95 is the typical price on Amazon for this machine. The Beaba prepare fruits, vegetables, meat or fish from raw to any stage baby and toddler food in just 15 minutes. Also has auto-shut off, timer sounds when done. BPA, Lead and Phthalate free

Cons: Just Price – this thing is pretty awesome – If you can afford it, get it. Check Prices Here!

Food Makers Made for All Ages –

Another option is to go for a food processor for the whole family. Here are a couple great options for a full-size food processor

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse

This blender is just an amazing item to have in your home in general and it can double as a baby food maker. I used it to blend my first two boys food and we still have one in our house today

Vitamix 5200 Blender – The Legend

I am sure you have friends who swear by the Vitamix and to be hones rightly so. The motor is the strongest of any blender and you can seemingly blend up anything. This machine will not die and if it does it has an unmatched warranty. The only con is the cost, if you want the best you have to pay for the best. Check Prices Here!

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