Track all baby’s natural rhythms with baby data

For me, a recovering project manager and bossy big sister, I couldn’t just watch”¦ I had to count and track and try to manage. Hooray for baby-related data. Whitney would disagree, of course, but counting the stuff was just my thing.

Why just care for baby when it can be a workbook?!

In the time before apps, there are fun baby tracking workbooks with cute covers and symbols, super software, web sites that help, and also homegrown spreadsheets. If this sort of obsessive tracking appeals to you, take your pick!

  1. Taking Care of Baby – a hella cute organizer from Chronicle Books with a spiral binding and everything you need (pictured)
  2. The Rookie Mom’s BabyTracker (my homemade tracker in Excel that has seen me through 7 months and still counting!)
  3. Time Too’s Round the Clock Baby Tracker – super cute — I gave this one to a non-geeky friend and she’s still tracking after 6 months!
  4. Trixie Tracker – created by a dad who’s more obsessed than we are… I’m so sick, I might want to upload my 9 months of data into this site after the fact, just to feel a sense of control over the data in hindsight!

Time Too Baby Tracker workbook

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