5 Best Diapers for Sensitive Skin [Our Top-Rated Pick Will Surprise You!]

We’ve tested the top diaper brands out there and found the best options for comfort and quality. Below you will find our reviews of the absolute best diapers for sensitive skin!

Finding the right diapers can be an especially challenging task if your baby has sensitive skin. We know how important it is to find a diaper that won’t cause skin irritation or diaper rash, yet will still do the job of being super absorbent to prevent leaks and keep the moisture away from your baby’s bottom. 

There are so many choices on the market for disposable diapers, and just like with most baby products, you get what you pay for. That being said, we also took diaper value into consideration. As a bonus, most of these diapers are also available to order through a monthly subscription or through Amazon.


The best diapers for sensitive skin should be hypoallergenic. This typically means they are made with plant-based materials in order to reduce the possibility of an allergic reaction from synthetic materials like latex, chlorine, fragrances, and lotions. 

You should also look for these three key things:

1. Super absorbent to keep moisture off your baby’s skin

2. Amazing leak protection with comfortable elastic leg cuffs

3. Natural materials that are super soft on the skin like bamboo



Winner! Hello Bello gets a gold star for checking all the boxes for us and delivering right to our door for the MOST affordable price out there.

Hello Bello diapers are specifically designed for babies with sensitive skin. They use a plant-based core liner that is super-absorbent and traps the moisture away from your child’s skin. Even with a baby who fills up diapers overnight, we’ve never had a diaper leak with Hello Bello. How awesome is that!

They also offer overnight diapers and swim diapers. I have tried both and they are fantastic.

They are made without:

  • Chlorine Processing
  • Artificial Fragrance
  • Lotions
  • Latex
  • TBT, DBT, MBT (toxic chemicals)

Serious stuff aside, their cute seasonal prints make diaper changes a little more fun. 


$69.99 for a subscription of diapers (119-238 diapers depending on the size). That’ll cost you up to $.29-$.58 per diaper and this includes 4 packs of wipes!

You can buy the diapers by box or through a diaper bundle subscription. They have tons of extras you can bundle with the diapers like wipes, bath essentials, and vitamins. If you want to learn more about the subscription service, check out our full review here.

Order Here


The name says it all. Honest Company prides itself on safety and transparency. They certainly didn’t let us down when it comes to their hypoallergenic diapers for sensitive skin. No rashes, no leaks, and our only complaint is the feel of the diaper is a little stiffer and not as comfortable for the baby’s bottom. 

They use sustainably sourced bamboo and are clear of unnecessary dyes, lotions, fragrances, chlorine, or phthalates, making them one of the best diaper options out there.

These chemical ingredients are possibly the reason for rashes, which is why transparency is a must when choosing the best diapers for sensitive skin. It is so important so you know exactly what you are putting against your baby’s delicate skin. 


$62.40 per month when you subscribe, for 126-224 diapers (depending on the size). That breaks down to up to $0.49 per diaper.

Available on Amazon


This is one of the newer brands out there and it’s becoming one of the most popular sustainable brands for a reason. These are hands-down the softest diaper out there, like cashmere soft.

They are third-party tested to prove they are as clean as they say they are, and they are true ingredient nerds that we can trust for safety. 

We hate to say it, but our baby did experience slight skin irritation from these. However, the liquid capacity was definitely superior and parents rave about their babies sleeping through the night because of the absorbency of these diapers. It’s true we were changing fewer diapers throughout the day because of how absorbent they are, so maybe that was the reason for the rash. 


$85 for a subscription of diapers (108-192 diapers depending on the size). That’ll cost you up to $.44-$.78 per diaper

Order Here


These are one of the most sustainable plant-based diapers, free of nasty stuff. We first tried these in the newborn stage and they did give our baby a little rash. That was still before the umbilical cord fell off, though, and all babies have the most delicate skin at this time. 

We decided to give them another shot after a year, and we didn’t have an issue this time around. Don’t expect to be blown away by cute designs. These are for the minimalist, just plain and simple white, but they do have a wetness indicator.

What’s really cool about Dyper is that you can send back the extra quantity you have if your baby changes sizes. They even provide a prepaid shipping label. You can also request an SOS emergency delivery if you run out of diapers at no charge because they understand that sometimes sh*t happens. 


$89 for a subscription of diapers (108-216 diapers depending on the size). That’ll cost you up to $.41-$.82 per diaper.

Available on Amazon


Pampers is one of the most popular brands in the world and a common name, but you specifically want to look for Pampers Pure line if your baby has sensitive skin. These are the only fragrance-free diaper Pampers sells.

They are also one of the most budget-friendly diapers on the market with similar features to the above premium brands. Their hypoallergenic liner is even enriched with shea butter for extra protection and care for your baby’s bottom. 

These are the best option when it comes to leak protection. They have an absorbent core that has three channels to help ensure even wetness distribution throughout as well as a wetness indicator stripe on the exterior of the diaper to flag when full.


About $60.34 for a month’s worth of diapers. The unit cost ranges from $0.36-$0.64. depending on the size.

Order Here

Overall Best Diapers for Sensitive Skin

Hello Bello is the clear winner in our books, and at $.29 per diaper you really can’t beat the value. Plus, the fact that we have never experienced a leak is a huge perk. From one mom to another, I hope this list has helped you find the right diaper for your baby! 

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