Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga Classes + Options Near You!

If you’ve never tried yoga before, pregnancy is definitely the time to give it a shot! Not only are pregnancy yoga classes good for moms-to-be, but they offer some extra benefits when it comes to future parenting. Yoga is a practice of learning how to be mindful. It is about how to mentally find the difference between your body and your mind. You will learn breathing techniques and meditation, along with physical exercise. Trust us, these things will come in handy in labor and when parenting! 

For example, when your baby is screaming for an hour straight or your toddler yells at you for the 20th time before breakfast, you can mentally clear your mind. You will have the skills to take some breaths and handle the day, rather than losing your temper!

What are the Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga?

Prenatal yoga is tailored to expecting moms meaning the moves are different and generally easier on the body. Pregnancy yoga classes will teach you how to breathe and calm your mind. They may even help you to strengthen your pelvic floor. This will be especially useful for you during labor.

As with any new exercise regimen, please consult your doctor before beginning prenatal yoga.

Stretching Your Ligaments and Muscles 

During pregnancy, bellies grow and make room for the little ones. Your ligaments and muscles slowly stretch to make room for your baby. This is amazing but can be very painful for our bodies. Your prenatal yoga teacher will help you stretch those muscles and ligaments so that they don’t get too tight and bound up!

Calming Your Mind and Breathing

During your prenatal classes, you will also learn how to calm your mind and breathe through some of the harder stretches. This is exactly what you will need during labor. If you can use Yoga to separate your physical and mental pains, you will be able to work through your labor pains like a boss.

Meet Other Moms-to-be at Your Pregnancy Yoga Class

 Not only will you learn how to breathe and stretch to ease discomfort, but you will likely also meet other expecting moms-to-be. Having a supportive environment is essential for a pregnant woman. These classes will help you build up your “mom tribe.” Motherhood is so much easier when you have other women to talk to. They will understand your feelings, both emotional and physical.

Even after you have the baby, you can call on these women for play dates and coffee dates!

How do you Find a Prenatal Yoga Class?

Thanks to Google, finding a prenatal yoga class near you is actually pretty easy these days. Simply type in “prenatal yoga near me” and you are bound to find a map filled with classes that are close to you. Then, give the studio and get further details on their specific class offerings!

You can also search for classes and teachers through or Just click the little “pregnancy yoga near me” button and you voila! You can also check for Pregnancy Classes Near you online via Google Maps Here!

SarahBethYoga on YouTube is a great option as well, and is perfect for when you can’t get out of the house!

Take a Deep Breath & Head to Yoga

There are so many different benefits that come with practicing prenatal yoga. Whether it’s easing your Sciatica Nerve pain or just needing a few minutes of quiet, pregnancy yoga classes have something to offer all pregnant women. Find a class near you and begin your journey to a more pain-free and relaxed pregnancy. Once your baby arrives, you’re going to need those breathing techniques to help you through those long sleepless nights to come! Deep breaths momma, with a little yoga and a lot of patience, you have got this whole parenting thing. 

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