Soul search

Has being a mom become your only hobby? Spend today thinking about what other hobby you would like bring back to your life or start, and make a plan to get into it.

I like to make stuff and read about making stuff on craft blogs. It took me a while to get back into it after Julian was born, but it really felt good. Lots of people say that exercise is the hobby they’ve been missing. Um, not me.

This picture of Heather was taken by me in June of 2002. We decided to stay up all night and run around the city. We went for a run at 10.30 PM, ate tapas, went to an Oxygen bar, saw a Tom Cruise movie at 1.45 am, and then watched the World Cup on a big screen projecter image at a friend’s house. We took lots of cabs and finished our adventure at 6.20 in the morning.

Little did we know that we would be staying up all night taking care of babies a couple years later. Ironically we made shirts to commemorate this evening that said “Not a girl, not yet a soccer mom”, a play on the Britney Spears song. Apparently we did know what was coming.

That pretty much sums up other stuff I like to do: run around doing weird stuff with Heather, taking pictures of weird stuff we do together, make t-shirts about the weird stuff we’ve done.

If you like to rock climb, quilt, or go to poetry slams, you should keep doing it. If you’ve already done it, brag to us here.

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