A baby book for the BlackBerry set

It would indeed be wonderful to have a completed baby book at the end of one’s first year of parenting, but remembering to fill it in as the months go by doesn’t come easily to many of us. This life is fast-paced. If a reminder to do something is not on my precious smart phone, well, it’s possible I will not remember it at all.

Enter My Own Little Story. When you register on this website, you’ll begin getting email reminders with writing prompts that are relevant to your baby’s age. Respond to them and your virtual baby book will be filling in. Eventually you can purchase a hard copy of the book. Add photos if you like.

Procrastinators, rejoice. There is a snooze button on these emails. If you click “Remind me later,” your next email from the system will include a consolidated view of all the writing prompts in your queue. If you don’t care for a question or topic, simply skip it and that page will not appear in your book.

Access to your journal process is free, and you can share it with friends and family. The credit card only comes out once you decide to print a book.

If this is all too much for you, consider simply emailing your baby whenever the mood strikes you.

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