The BEST Gender Reveal Decorations + Unique Reveal Ideas

Get ready for cuteness overload, these gender reveal decorations and unique gender reveal ideas are cute!!! So, here you are. You are so excited to find out you’re finally pregnant and despite a million thoughts running through your head, one thought seems to stand out.

Is it a boy or girl? It’s not so much that it really matters either way just that you want to get to know this tiny person you’re growing a little better! 5 years ago, you’d wait until the doctor’s appointment and sit there in anticipation until the nurse finally pointed out the gender of your baby.

Then Instagram happened, and as with so many other things, gender reveal parties became a HUGE thing (like a seriously monumental moment in your pregnancy). While some people are wary about these parties being kind of pointless, we happen to think they’re pretty fun.

And also, pregnant mamas should pretty much use any excuse to celebrate, am I right? We’ve brought together all the very best tips and created a guide to help you plan this celebration. We even threw in some of our favorite gender reveal decorations because, well why not?

The BEST Gender Reveal Decorations and Reveal Ideas

Keep in mind, these ideas and decorations can be used as inspiration whether you choose to have a regular party, drive-by party, virtual party, or just do a reveal for your immediate family. How you choose to celebrate and who you share it with is totally up to you!

Gender Reveal Ideas by Personality Type

We have broken up our unique gender reveal ideas by personality type for a fun & unique spin. Have fun scrolling through them, they’re pretty darn adorable. And, make sure you check out our suggestions for gender reveal decorations to make planning your reveal easy peasy!!

For the Private Mama

It’s still okay to find out the gender of your new addition at the doctor’s like we did in the “old days.” There are still some ways you can make this experience really special. You can check with your doctor to see if they are open to letting you invite some family, like the soon-to-be grandparents, aunts, and uncles to the ultrasound appointment.

There are also special ultrasound offices that will provide you with 3D photos and it’s pretty popular to find out the gender here. A bonus about these offices is the rooms are often really comfy with a large screen to see the baby and couches for your friends and family to sit on.

This can also be a really cool experience for families who are adding there third or fourth or even fifth kiddo to the family because these offices are typically an easier place to have all your kids than the normal doctor.

For the Competitive Duo

I don’t know about you, but I’m always up for participating in things I have a chance to win. It would pretty cool to attend a gender reveal party where you get to pick a side; blue or pink! There are some really great sport theme ideas that you can incorporate into the actual reveal moment as well.

Check out the YouTube video below for some ideas, and to make sure you avoid the fails. You’ll need a baseball, football, or soccer ball filled with powder. Once you give it a kick or hit everyone will have the answer!

You’ll have all your guests rooting against each other, maybe even mom and dad themselves. While picking sides makes the reveal super exciting, of course, everyone will be back on the same team once they find out the gender of your sweet new babe.

Check out this FUN Gender Reveal-

Gender Reveal Decorations for the Competitive Reveal

  • Adorable chalkboard on Etsy to keep score of guesses  
  • The perfect invites for a baseball theme
  • Super Fun team photo props
  • Blue vs Pink bead necklaces 
  • Easy Reveal baseballs
  •  Reveal football  
  • Gender reveal soccer ball 

For the Sneaky Mama

A lot of the times it is the Mom & Dad who are being surprised at a gender reveal party, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can join in on the planning the surprise too! Some new moms and dads get a huge kick out of surprising their families with that they’re having.

You can have the cake themed for what you’re having on the outside, this way just bringing the cake out at the party will shock your guests. If you’re a country music fan, you’ve probably seen these precious photos of Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and wife telling their parents they’re pregnant by their dog carrying a sign.

We say steal this idea could but use it to reveal the gender because nothing is better than puppies and babies, duh. Another idea for those of us who just can’t wait to find out the gender for ourselves is to reveal with a post on social media.

You can incorporate so many different ideas (like pretty much everything listed under trendy mama below), but just snap a photo and post it. Everyone scrolling down their newsfeed will be in for a fun surprise! This will also give mom and dad a special moment to process the reveal themselves rather than in front of a party.


Baby 3 is a baby boy!! 💙💙 We are so so excited and already in love with him! Thank you all for the support and kind words. It means a lot! ⤠. Whenever we asked Nathan if he wanted a baby sister or a baby brother, he always answered that he wants a baby with little feet! 🤣🤗 4 more months until we can hold our baby boy and his little feet! 👣

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Gender Reveal Decorations for the Sneaky Mama 

  • Gender Reveal Smoke Sticks- Gender Reveal Smoke Sticks are a great way to do a gender reveal. There are some really fun ones on Amazon!
  • Gender Reveal Cakes- Gender reveal cakes are another great option and super delicious. Check out these hilarious.
  • Gender Reveal Boards- This adorable letterboard is small enough to be carried around your pup’s neck.

For the Mama with a Sweet Tooth

There’s probably nothing better than cake, especially cake with a little secret inside. There are so many different kinds of cakes and designs, which you can check out in our Gender Reveal Cakes article.

Throw a party of any theme you’d like and have the cake match that. About halfway through the party let all your guests know to gather around while you cut into the cake.

Cut a generous slice and when you pull it out the inside cake color will be your reveal! You’ll all get to celebrate by chowing down on some yummy dessert afterward.


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Gender Reveal Decorations for the Sweet Tooth Mama

  • Cheeky “Here for the Sex” cupcake toppers 
  • “Tutus or Touchdowns” topper

For the Trendy Mama

Alright, you guys are the true Instagram stars of this whole situation. We’ve got tons of fun reveal ideas for you from water gun fights to the box idea that started it all. Confetti poppers, balloon releases, and a piñata full of pink or blue candy are all ideas that will provide you with beautiful photos to cherish for a lifetime.

Smoke bombs in blue or pink are another way to get cute photos and really popular among moms right now. Check out this Instagram smoke bomb reveal of twins, where a mom finds out she’s in for a surprise after 3 boys.

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Along this same path, you can also tell everyone to show up in white and provide Holi powder, which is used during color runs. Provide it in both colors for guests to throw at each other, but wait to make a grand entrance yourself sporting only the reveal color.

There are so many unique options that are #instaworthy and whatever you choose will surely have guests talking.


The best early Christmas present! 🎄I’m going to be an Aunt again!! #itsagirl

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Trendy Decorations

  • Two 12″ Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons
  • Cute & Cheap Confetti for Gender Reveal
  • A confetti-filled balloons with cute tassels
  • Holi Color Powder 

For the Mama with Far Away Loved Ones

Life takes us all kinds of places and sometimes we’re led down paths that take us far away from the ones we want to share these special moments with. If this is the case for you, there are some adorable ways to share your news. You can send out cute card announcements, which can be found all over Etsy.

They even have these adorable little packages that you can send out to your close family and friends. They get to open a little box and then pop a balloon for the reveal!

Bonus Ideas!

Here’s a bonus list of gender reveal decorations we found on Pinterest that work for any party theme you chose!

Sundae Bar with Dipped Cones

Blue or Pink Party Punch

DIY Cotton Candy Cones

DIY Gender Reveal Baby Cake Pops

Super Pretty Pink Blueberry Lemonade

Super Pretty Blue & Pink Confetti Oreos

Spray this Colored Mist on Pretty Much Any Tasty Treat!

What are the BEST Gender Decorations & Ideas You Have Come Across?

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