Take a cold weather power walk

Brrr. We had a cold snap in Berkeley last week complete with frost on the grass and snow in the hills. I’ve become such a weather wimp since moving to the Bay Area from Chicago a dozen years ago that I had a hard time leaving the house.

If you have a baby in the winter, it can be very easy to be lulled into turning your house into a cozy cave (walled in by piles of laundry, no doubt), but we insist that you must leave the house every day no matter what. Even when it seems easier just to stay home. Breathe fresh air even if your nose hairs freeze just a bit!

Baby Holden is all bundled up for real winter

Lisa Druxman, founder of Stroller Strides reminds us your body will warm up if you exercise in the cold, but your baby will not. So, here are a few tips for bundling up when the weather outside is frightful:

  1. Dress in layers, as your core temperature will rise as you exercise ”“ wear a moisture-wicking fabric closest to your body and warmer layers on top.
  2. Don’t forget gloves and mittens for both you and baby.
  3. Put a hat on the wee one to keep in as much body heat as possible.
  4. Experiment with snuggly blankets or a Bundle-Me (like Holden is sporting in the picture) for longer stroller rides in the chill. (BTW, these cozy mini sleeping bags can decrease the safety of car seats so read the label before you assume its all good).
  5. Put on the stroller’s weather shield if its raining or snowing.

Too cold for the outdoors? If it’s rainy or snowy, go to the mall. Power walk around the crowded mall while pushing a stroller (for agility training) or baby-wearing (for strength).

I’d love to hear any other suggestions from rookie moms battling the winter weather to get out of the house and have some fun.

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