Pretty slings by upa-lala

While I do love gender-neutral baby gear, there’s something really sweet about these pretty slings (that my husband would not wear) from independent seamstress Brittan Hlista, owner and designer of upa-lala. I’m thinking when your base layer is a tshirt and dull-from-too-many-washings yoga pants, these vibrant patterns could really distract the eye!

(Note to sling-makers of the world: We need to see newborn mama models with bigger post-pregnancy tummies, please! Or maybe she’s an adoptive mom?)

Regardless, aren’t these lovely?

(Also, rest assured that these slings comply with baby carrier safety standards governed by the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance.)

Brittan also makes eco-friendly waterproof snack bags and drawstring backpacks in bright fabrics.

Browse the upa-lala website to see the whole product assortment. Really cute stuff!

P.S. “Upa”, or even cuter, “Upalala” is what little kids say in Argentina when they raise their arms up to be carried.

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