The Best Travel Highchair – Portable Highchairs for when you’re on the go!

We’ve all been there: the dinnertime baby juggle. You’re trying to eat with one hand while you bounce your baby on your knee with the other, all while they get into everything on the table except their own food. This is where a portable highchair comes in handy. Whether you use it to have dinner at a baby-less friend’s house or for a family vacation across the world, a highchair that you can easily travel with is great to have on hand (and on your baby registry). Our #RookieMomSquad Travel Mama, Nia Chauvin, is here to help you decide the best travel highchair that’s right for your family and your needs.

Before fully committing to one, you should determine what you will primarily use it for, then check out what’s out there. Below we will assess your travel highchair needs and then give you some great options that will suit your family perfectly.

The Best Travel Highchair – Portable Highchairs for when you’re on the go!

Assess how you will use it:

Let’s fill out your application to find out which highchair your family is most compatible with, shall we?

Are you a homebody that goes to an occasional picnic in the park? Looking for something to take to your parent’s house when you go for dinner? Are you outdoorsy and looking for a good highchair for camping? Or perhaps a jet-setter who needs to pack compact and light?

Whoever you are and whatever your needs are, there is certainly a travel highchair for you. Luckily, a lot of these seats are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings. But even if you do need more than one, they are fortunately all very affordable.

So without further ado, here are the seats I recommend.

Great Portable Highchairs for Every Occasion

The Best Travel Highchair for the Camping Family

Sitting around a picnic table with your family means its sweet summertime. With a baby in the mix, it makes life easier if they have their own chair to chill in while you grill and eat. There are two similar chairs which are pretty perfect for this occasion: the Baby Delight Go With Me chair and the Ciao Baby chair. They are basically camping chairs for babies, but in highchair form, and can be used inside at a dining room table as well as an outdoor setting.

Baby Delight Go With Me Chair

What’s the advantage that this chair has over the Ciao Baby? It comes with an umbrella to shade your baby from the sun. The Ciao Baby umbrella is sold separately and costs about half the price of the chair ””yikes! The Baby Delight also boasts that it’s for a wide range of ages, from infant all the way to a young child (under 75 pounds). Check current prices here!

Ciao Baby

The Ciao Baby advantage? At 32 inches high (as opposed to 25 inches in the Go With Me chair,) the Ciao Baby is taller. It’s not by much, but 7 inches can make the difference between being under the picnic table and being able to see over it. Check current prices here!

The Best Travel Highchair for the Summer Picnic Family

Pop n Sit

This seat is so versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. It ’s also a camping chair but very low to the ground, making it perfect for a summer picnic or a beach outing. It’s versatile because It can also be used as a highchair as it comes with straps that attach to a typical dining room chair.

We used this one often over the summer. We found ourselves eating on our picnic blanket a lot, and it was always a nightmare feeding our 1-year-old son because he was running around mixing dirt in his food. So when we found this seat and started using it during our picnics, it was a game-changer. Check current prices here!

The Best Travel Highchair for the Jet-setting Family

My Little Seat

Am I allowed to play favorites? If so, here it is.

Traveling light is our number one priority when looking for baby products to use on-the-go. My Little Seat is made up of a durable cloth and a buckle, keeping it lightweight, compact, and safe. This product is small, but oh is it mighty. It straps your little one onto most any seat and also comes with shoulder straps so your little one can’t wriggle out. I highly recommend this one if you are traveling anywhere far from home and not by car. Between the weight and the suitcase space it takes up, it’s pure perfection for parents on the go looking for a highchair. Check current prices here!

The Best Travel Highchair for the Sunday dinner at Grandma’s House

Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-On Highchair

These ones are popular, but they’re not my jam in terms of the best travel highchair. They are baby seats that clip onto a table overhang. The great thing about these is that they’re lightweight (2.2 pounds) and can lay flat enough to store in a drawer. The downside is that they don’t fit every table, so they’re not completely reliable as the others. Many parents like to bring these to restaurants as well to give their baby a snugger seat than the typical restaurant highchair provides. Check current prices here!

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