Baby at the nail salon {Rookie Moms Challenge # 8}

Today’s challenge: Get a pedicure with your baby in tow.

Confession: I needed a pedicure in a bad way. The last time I had even thought about my toenails was 1 week before my due date when a friend treated me to a girls’ day. So keep in mind that I had my daughter 11 days past my due date and that she is now 6 weeks old and that makes over 2 months since my toes had seen any grooming action.

And they were gross, with nails so long that they were actually snagging my socks!

I was so disgusted with them that the day before I got this pedicure I stole 5 minutes of alone time and hastily clipped them sitting in the middle of the bathroom floor (don’t tell my husband) and I thought I’d done a pretty good job of cutting them short”¦um not so much because the first thing the nail technician said to me when she looked at my feed was “been a long time eh?” You got me”¦

But I digress. Let’s talk about how this challenge actually played out ”¦

My little sister and Dad came down for a few days during my sister’s spring break and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for a little girly bonding time. Originally I was going to have my dad watch Garrity but she’d been particularly fussy that day. I think we’re going through a bit of a “I only want mama” phase so while my dad said he’d give it a shot by himself I decided I didn’t want to torture Grandpa and ended up taking Garrity along.

I risked it and went to a new-to-me nail salon because the one I normally go to was pretty small and I wasn’t sure where Garrity was going to sit and I totally lucked out. The place I went to was super spacious! My sister and I got chairs next to each other and I got the one on the end and sat Garrity on the floor next to me in her car seat.

She was sleeping when we got there and only woke up once the whole time!

I did my best to enjoy being pampered (the chair massage might have been my favorite part of the whole ordeal) but I’ll admit I spent most of the time focused on the sleeping baby next to me and planning what I’d do if she ended up getting fussy.

If she had started to freak out my plan was to pull her up on my lap but luckily I didn’t need to.

All in all, another easy challenge. I’m glad my sister was there to help distract me. Having her to talk to kept my mind a little more focused on why we were there and allowed me to disconnect from mama-mode and actually enjoy my pampering. I think if I had gone by myself I would have done nothing but stare at Garrity and watch the clock. I’m also glad I knocked this one out of the park because now I have the confidence to go again. And now that it’s just about summertime (aka sandal season) I need to make sure I have good looking feet. 🙂

[All photos by Whitney Mattocks; rights reserved]
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