I invaded my aunt’s workplace with a baby {Rookie Moms Challenge #11}

Being a new parent is all about surprises. Often I think Weston is going to do one thing, and he flips my assumptions on their head and does the total opposite. The other day, for example, we were heading to meet up with a friend and her baby for coffee, but we had a few extra minutes to waste. He had been sleeping in the car, and though it was cold outside, I decided to brave the polar vortex and stroll down the street to visit my aunt at work. Perfect chance to complete Rookie Moms Activity #11: Interrupt Someone’s Work Day!

My aunt Leslie works nearby as the office manager for a dentist’s office (my dentist, Dr. Lamberg). Now, in all my time parenting Weston, he has never once stayed asleep in the carseat-to-stroller transfer. So, I was prepared for the inevitable with his toys, blanket, and bottle…but when I took him out of the car, he stayed sleeping! And guess what? As we walked fast through the whipping wind, he stayed sleeping! And even more crazy? As I bumped the stroller into the dentist’s office door frame about thirty times, he stayed sleeping! I was beyond shocked.

My aunt was thrilled to see us, and had a few minutes to chat. Aunt Leslie and the dental hygienist were cooing over him, and the kid just kept on sleeping. The whole time, I was a little nervous he was going to wake up,  become afraid of where he was and start to wail, but I rocked the carriage back and forth, enjoying my few minutes out of the cold.

Always Surprising Me!
Just then, Dr. Lamberg came rushing in from out of the cold and was pleasantly surprised to see us. As he was talking to us, Weston’s eyes began to flutter; my heart took a leap, and I was all prepared to wheel him away and not embarass myself in front of my dentist. But, he opened his eyes, saw my aunt, saw me, and started to just look around. He didn’t smile, but he didn’t make a peep either. I kept on waiting for the bottom lip to start his famous quiver, but he just laid still, hands at his side, tucked under the blanket, taking in his surroundings. The dentist started to dance for him, but my usually silly and goofy kid just stared wide-eyed, his lips in a straight line.

It’s A Small World, After All

Within a few minutes, our visit was over. We had to go meet up with my friend, so I tucked the blanket under him, gave our kisses goodbye, and headed back into the cold. I don’t know why I’m always so shocked when he doesn’t cry. Why do I always expect him to cry? I guess I expect he’ll be scared, shocked, or confused by his surroundings and lose it; but, he never does! It was so nice to add a little extra flair into our day by seeing a loving face of a family member; and, it was great for my little boy to see that the world may be big, but there’s always a face of a loved one near by.

[All photos property of Olivia Howell]

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