Find a friend to do all these things with you on your baby’s due date

What to do on your due date when you’re not having your baby

Around the time of my estimated due date (EDD), I found it harder and harder to make real plans. What if I went into labor? I didn’t want non-refundable theater tickets or to be someplace terribly remote. Not only that, I was super uncomfortable and didn’t really want to deal with my huge c’ankles and sore joints but I also wanted to cherish my last few moments to socialize without an extra tiny person to plan around.

Here are the best kinds of plans to make while you’re waiting impatiently for baby:

1. Go swimming. Make a date for the pool and waddle your way to a weightless floating position. I gave a platonic male friend swimming lessons at about 9 months pregnant. We met at a public pool, and everyone thought I was gestating his baby — because why else would a dude hang out with a hugely pregnant woman unless he was responsible for her? Fun times.

2. Pedicures or any mini spa treatments. Grab a girlfriend for short, pleasant pampering treatments. Don’t spend all day in an awkward position being groomed but indulge in making yourself feel good. I got some blue streaks in my hair before Milo was born. (Related: Tweeze, dye, & feel pretty)

3. Lunch or snack. A full-on pregnant tummy might resist the idea of a “meal” but snacks are usually welcome. Do you have a craving? You deserve to indulge. And I want you to go with a friend. Are you sensing a pattern?

4. A mid-day movie. What is more leave-in-the-middle-able than a daytime movie? If you need to shift positions or wander the aisles to get comfy, go for it.

5. Walk somewhere beautiful. We have a picturesque waterfront (that is sometimes too stinky for a pregnant nose) and a lovely park system. Pick the prettiest place nearby and join a pal for a leisurely walk. Want to step it up? Try geocaching.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling crazy impatient and you want to hurry things along, here are ways to naturally induce your labor. And if you’re sick of being out and want to stay home, here are a few nesting projects.

What kind of plans did you make while waiting for your baby to arrive?

My actual belly. I’m ready!

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