Birth Place Options: Cossham Birth Centre

Cossham Birth Centre is a midwife-led maternity unit in the Kingswood area of Bristol, England. It provides a home-like environment for women to give birth in, with the support of midwives and other healthcare professionals..

**Services offered at Cossham Birth Centre**.

Cossham Birth Centre offers a range of services to support women during pregnancy, labour and birth, including:.

* Antenatal care: Midwives provide antenatal care appointments throughout pregnancy, including scans, blood tests and advice on healthy eating and exercise..

* Labour and birth: Women can choose to give birth in one of the two birthing pools or on a bed. Midwives will provide support and guidance throughout labour and birth..

* Postnatal care: Midwives provide postnatal care for women and their babies in the days following birth. This includes checks on the mother’s and baby’s health, as well as support with breastfeeding and other aspects of newborn care..

**Benefits of giving birth at Cossham Birth Centre**.

There are many benefits to giving birth at Cossham Birth Centre, including:.

* A home-like environment: The birth centre is designed to feel like a home, with comfortable birthing rooms, a lounge area and a kitchen where women can prepare snacks and drinks..

* Midwife-led care: Midwives are the main healthcare professionals responsible for women’s care at Cossham Birth Centre. They are experienced and skilled in supporting women during pregnancy, labour and birth..

* Continuity of care: Women can see the same midwife throughout their pregnancy, labour and birth. This helps to build a trusting relationship between the woman and her midwife..

* Low intervention rates: Cossham Birth Centre has low intervention rates, which means that women are less likely to have medical interventions during labour and birth..

* High satisfaction rates: Women who give birth at Cossham Birth Centre have high satisfaction rates. They report feeling supported and respected by the midwives and other healthcare professionals..

**Who is eligible to give birth at Cossham Birth Centre?**.

Women who are considered low-risk are eligible to give birth at Cossham Birth Centre. This includes women who have had a previous vaginal birth, women who are having a multiple birth (such as twins or triplets), and women who have certain medical conditions..

**How to book a place at Cossham Birth Centre**.

To book a place at Cossham Birth Centre, you can either self-refer or be referred by your GP or midwife..

* Self-referral: You can self-refer by completing an online form on the NHS website..

* Referral: Your GP or midwife can refer you to Cossham Birth Centre by completing a referral form..

Once you have been referred, you will be invited to attend a tour of the birth centre and meet with a midwife. You will then be able to decide whether you would like to give birth at Cossham Birth Centre..

**Contact details**.

Cossham Birth Centre.

Kingswood Health Centre.


Bristol BS15 8DN.

Telephone: 0117 342 6730.


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