5 Maternity clothing items I love right now

This is my third time doing this pregnancy thing, and boy, am I sick of seeing my old maternity clothes come back out of that box yet again. Here are some new pieces I picked up this time around that I have been wearing like crazy. I thought I should share my hard-won findings with all you other big-bellied mamas out there.

Best Fancy Maternity Dress For Special Occasions
Before a big summer trip, I stopped in at Heroine, a super cute boutique for “ladies, moms, and babies” in San Francisco. (Side note: what a good idea for a boutique’s offerings! Why aren’t there more like it?) I got this bright red maternity halter dress from Dote and the compliments did not stop rolling in. Their clothes are more splurge-y, but if you have an event (or several) to attend while you’re with child, it may be worth it to get one really great dress. The above dress is about $100; they also have a sale section on their website, if that’s more your speed. Here’s me looking sassy at a fancy rooftop cocktail bar in Istanbul in my red dress (where sadly I couldn’t have any cocktails.)

Best Maternity Jeans That Aren’t Hundreds of Dollars
Somehow I can’t bring myself to buy maternity jeans that are expensive, so I have been on the hunt for less expensive ones that will fill the bill. The awkwardly named Secret Fit Belly line from Motherhood are tops in this round. They have a full panel that doesn’t slide down and isn’t itchy or annoying. Plus they have lots of styles, from skinny to boot cut. (Are those coming back yet?) I’m giving an honorable mention to Old Navy, because while their maternity jeans aren’t always the cutest out there, they do have the advantage of only being like 30 bucks and they get the job done. Sometimes they also have cute colors and patterns.

Best Everyday Maternity Tank Tops
Old Navy wins this one hands down. I don’t love the ribbed tanks, because they can be itchy on a pregnant belly, but the “Tami” (I think that’s a combination of the words “tank” and “camisole”?) style tank tops are soft and smooth and can be just as easily worn under a sweater, out in public, or to bed.

Best Cheap Maternity Dress You Can Wear Every Day
Thank you, Target, for blessing me with this staple. I have worn this dress approximately 2,000 times which isn’t even close to possible since pregnancy only lasts 280 days. But seriously, I have worn it A LOT. Add a cute, chunky necklace and you’re going day to night with no problem. It’s incredibly comfortable and very flattering. Only $28 AND 25% off, just buy it and worry about layers later.

Best Non-Maternity Pants You Can Wear Through 40 Weeks
There is a style of pants from Prairie Underground called the “Glove Legging” that is a magical pant and never ceases to amaze me. I have 3 pairs of these pants and they are my favorite pants in “regular” life and they are STILL my favorite pants now that I have an enormous bowling ball in my mid-section. They are stretchy with a low, comfy waistband, yet somehow never reveal your butt crack.

They feel like a legging but they look like a stylish pant. They look great with flats or boots or barefoot. You can throw them in the washer and dryer and they come out looking like new. THEY ARE PERFECT IN EVERY WAY. They are usually around $140 but I found them for $108. These pants are the best. I am going to cry when mine wear out.

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