The 5 Best Postpartum Diapers of 2023

What to actually pack in your hospital bag and how to prepare for postpartum healing at home, simply do not get talked about enough. One thing I cannot recommend enough is postpartum diapers. Your hospital will probably provide you with a basic bulky option but trust me the best postpartum diapers need to be bought in advance.

Your body just experienced the most life-giving occurrence, so it is time to care for and nurture yourself back to health. In my personal experience, postpartum diapers were a game-changer. Between the boob leakage and spit-ups and soreness all over, I just did not want to also constantly be worrying about ruining another pair of underwear because of postpartum discharge.

5 Best Postpartum Diapers on the Market

Frida Mom Postpartum Underwear

Frida Mom makes a ton of amazing baby products, but they also make some of my absolute favorite postpartum care products. I really cannot say enough good things, but if I could only choose 2 products I would go with the Frida Mom disposable postpartum underwear and the peri bottle.

This high-waisted underwear will make you less self-conscious and more comfortable. They are soft, seamless, and made of breathable material to provide comfort while holding everything in place. These are great for the ladies who received a c-section incision because they protect and cover the area without pressing or pulling in any region.

Frida Mom also has a postpartum recovery kit to bundle all items they feel are required including postpartum pads, a perineal bottle, and healing foam are all included in this bundle.

$15.99 at Target

Thinx Postpartum Cotton Set

Sensitive skin women listen up; these are the ones you want to grab. These are the safest if you already know that your skin does not work well with every product. The material contains modal cotton, so if you wear 100% cotton, these will work just the same.

Refrain from letting the price above scare you away from this brand. The postpartum cotton set contains two super heavy cotton briefs, two heavy cotton briefs, and one cotton boy short. The boyshorts includes two and a half regular pads worth your bladder leakage.

If you calculate pricing, this is a great deal since they are not disposable. You will get so many daily uses from them. Even after your postpartum recovery, these can still be worn when your regular cycle comes. High-quality postpartum needs this set for your aftercare.

$178 on

Veeda Plant-Based Organic Postpartum Diapers

These are for the women that are environmentally conscious about the products they use. These are the best adult diapers for postpartum when looking for protection, absorbency, and chemical free. It is made with recyclable packing and 100% GMO-free natural cotton.

Many women fret over the smell that builds up when wearing a postpartum pad or diaper. Odor lock technology is in this disposable postpartum diaper. If you have sensitive skin, it is hypoallergenic, which is an additional plus—no synthetics, chemicals, or dyes in this adult diaper for postpartum.

There is an added green tea leaf extract to soothe redness and swelling while eliminating bacteria on your skin. They are hitting so many critical points for a high-quality postpartum.

$30.99 on Amazon

Rael Organic Cotton Disposable Period Underwear

Adult diapers for postpartum are now used for period cycles and postpartum bleeding. Feel comfortable and safe to walk around while also knowing so much is going on down there that this disposable postpartum diaper covers you. Regular underwear may not give you the same peace of mind of bladder leakage being showcased to those around you.

These adult diapers ensure twelve-hour comfort with 360 leak-proof protection. The organic material is between 95-100% for those with sensitive skin—a built-in four-layer core to prevent bladder leakage from seeping through and onto you.

The curve-hugging fit secures any sleeping position from causing postpartum bleeding to run onto your sheets. Many comments in the reviews had to say that these were the best adult diapers for postpartum.

$13.99 at Target

Always Discreet Postpartum Diapers

This brand is a universal line to care for women of all ages, sizes, and flows. They are confident that their brand is leak-proof and that money back is guaranteed if left l unsatisfied. When you wear postpartum diapers that look like real underwear, that’s a real confidence booster.

They also have a sensitive skin line for adult diapers. This line is free of fragrances and parabens and dermatologically tested. It is the recommended choice for postpartum protection. For the section moms, this line is best fitted to care for your incision site for the best protection.

These are not your regular adult diapers that fit bulky and awkwardly fitting. They are smooth and contoured without the tightness or discomfort of aching to take off. They have a variety of lines for your disposable postpartum underwear.

$41.99 on Amazon

Cheers to the no shame in your diaper game! No postpartum recovery looks the same. Your selection of regular underwear, adult diapers, or maternity pads will match your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wear diapers after giving birth?

In my experience, postpartum diapers are a game-changer! Between the boob leakage and spit-ups and soreness all over, I personally did not want to also constantly be worrying about ruining another pair of underwear because of postpartum discharge.

How long do you wear postpartum diapers?

Most moms only wear postpartum diapers for 2-3 days after giving birth, after this, you can switch to a high-absorbency pad.

What size postpartum diapers do I need?

Most postpartum diapers follow basic sizing; S, M, and L. You can stick with your usual underwear size.

Do you wear pad with diaper postpartum?

You can wear a pad with a postpartum diaper if you are experiencing very heavy bleeding. This varies from woman to woman.

Does hospital provide diapers after birth?

Yes, hospitals typically provide diapers after birth. I always recommend bringing a few of your own just in case. You may like the brand you choose more than what is offered at the hospital.

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