The 9 Best Travel Stroller Systems in 2023

What is a travel stroller system? Well basically, it is just a stroller and car seat duo. Rather than purchasing each piece separately, you will get the stroller, infant car seat, and car seat base in a bundle.

We used a travel system stroller for each of our kids when they were infants. I have to say, it is totally worth it. It is so nice when you have a sleeping baby to easily transfer them to the stroller. All you have to do is get the car seat out of the car and pop it into the stroller where it will securely click in. We want to make finding the right fit for you as easy as possible, so we’ve broken down all the details. Let’s take a look at the best travel stroller systems!

The Best Travel Stroller Systems

Breaking Down What You Need to Know About Travel System Stroller and Car Seat Duos

Travel system strollers have multiple components:

  • Stroller
  • Car Seat
  • Base
  • Bassinet (*only some travel systems will include this piece)

The best travel system strollers have two main components, the car seat, and the stroller. Most systems discuss the stroller specifics as that’s the piece you will use longest, but you should also look into the car seat specifications before deciding on a system.

The Car Seat

When looking to purchase a travel system stroller there are a few things to think about when it comes to the car seat. Most importantly, you should know that the car seat will likely be for rear-facing infants only. If you would prefer a convertible car seat, then a travel system may not be the best fit for you.

As a new parent, you will inevitably be lugging around a baby car seat because babies sleep all the time. Being able to place the car seat into a stroller is the perfect solution. With a travel stroller system, you can rest easy that your car seat will pop right into your stroller safely and easily since they are made for each other.

 If you need further guidance on choosing the right car seat, we can help you out with that here!

The Stroller

While the car seat is very age specific, the stroller typically can be used beyond the car seat age. This is something to consider because you may want to use the stroller after your baby has grown beyond the infant car seat. If you’re looking to buy just one stroller but don’t mind upgrading your car seat as needed a travel system stroller may be a good option.

The components or specifics of the stroller should also be considered before finalizing your purchase.

Other stroller components to consider are:

  • Storage: Most have a basket for bottom storage but may also include an option to hang the diaper bag. For days when you will be out for a while, this storage becomes very important.
  • Cupholders: Most come with cupholders, either in the handle or attached. You will want these for bottles, sippy cups, and the occasional coffee of yours that makes it out the door before cold.
  • Flexibility or adjustable seating: Some seats can fold down, or carry two children at once. If you have other children or plan to, it is smart to look into attachment options for the system you choose, like standing boards.
  • Ease of travel: Consider how the stroller breaks down to travel with, the overall weight, and how easy it is to use. No matter how cool it is or what unique features are included, if you can’t easily use it there’s no reason to have it. Parenthood is hard enough!

9 Best Travel Stroller Systems

UPPAbaby Vista V2 + Mesa Infant Car Seat Travel System – Our Top Overall Pick

If you are looking to splurge on the very best travel stroller system, you have to check out the UPPAbaby Vista V2 and Mesa Infant Car Seat travel system.  The Vista V2 stroller, bassinet, and Mesa Infant Car Seat make up this gorgeous and high-end set. You will be getting a great stroller that is built for the long run + an easy to clip in & highly rated car seat.

The stroller can recline completely flat, which comes in handy with a small baby if you are going for a walk and don’t feel that the car seat is necessary. Not to mention the bassinet attachment that is perfect for newborns and the toddler seat which can face forward or towards you! The stroller also folds up with one easy step.

As for longevity, the Vista V2 stroller can be converted to grow alongside your family by adding on accessories like the Piggyback Ride Along Board and additional seat attachments.

Make sure to check out all the beautiful colors this stroller comes in to find one that is uniquely you!

Weight & Age Restrictions:

  • Car Seat Age Range: 4-35 lbs
  • Stroller Age Range: Newborn up to 50 lbs per seat
Check current prices here!

Nuna Tavo & Pipa RX – Best Lightweight Travel Stroller System

This luxury set comes with the multimode TAVO stroller, a PIPA RX infant car seat, and a base. Nuna is all about clean lines and the ingenuity of Dutch design, which clearly carries over into this timeless stroller set. This set is very lightweight and folds up nearly flat for storage. This is a durable stroller that you will get use out of for many years!

Getting the car seat in and out of the stroller is a breeze, so you won’t risk waking up your sweet babe. The canopy provides 50+ UPF sun protection, the seat is very easy to recline for those toddler years, and there is a good amount of storage underneath.

Weight & Age Restrictions:

  • Car Seat Age Range: 4-32 lbs
  • Stroller Age Range: Up to 50 lbs
Check current prices here!

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System – Best Bang for Your Buck

The Chicco Bravo Trio includes the Key Fit 30 infant car seat, the base, and the Bravo stroller. This car seat is extremely popular and definitely a Rookie Mom Favorite! The stroller features a completely removable seat, making it very easy to pop the car seat right into the frame. Then, when you put the seat back in, it is converted to a traditional stroller.

As for ease, you can fold the stroller with one hand, there are auto-positioning wheels, and it self-stands when in its compact position. From mom to mom, this self-standing thing is a pretty big deal. It means you can get your little one out, put them safely in the car, and then come back to put your stroller away at the very end without worrying about it sitting on the dirty ground.

There’s also a parent tray on top with cupholders and storage space perfect for your phone. This travel stroller system really has it all at a great price tag! 

Weight & Age Restrictions: 50 lb rider weight limit

  • Car Seat Age Range: 4-35 lbs and Up to 32″ tall
  • Stroller Age Range: Up to 50 lbs
Check current prices here!

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System – Best Grow with Me Option

The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System includes the Safemax infant car seat, the SafeMax base, and the Sibby stroller. First off, the car seat fits right in the stroller seat making it very easy to convert back and forth. The stroller is also very easy to fold and store. It has an oversized bottom basket for storage that is accessible from both the front and the rear.

All around, this stroller is sleek and built for convenience. And I forgot to mention, every component is super lightweight! At this low price point, this is one of the best budget buys you can make as a parent.

Weight & Age Restrictions:

  • Car Seat Age Range: 4-35 lbs
  • Stroller Age Range: Newborn to 5 years
Check it out here!

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Travel System – Best for Moms of 2 or More

Don’t worry, the best travel system strollers are not just for moms of one! The Evenflo Pivot has a unique system that allows you to transport two children at once. The SafeMax car seat, base, toddler seat, and stroller frame are all included in the system. This stroller has a whopping 22 different configurations. This gives you the freedom to customize the stroller to your needs, with parent-facing options and a deep recline. It can be used as a single or double stroller and everything in between.

The extra large storage basket expands to give you two feet of storage. This is incredibly nice when you’ve got 2+ kids tagging along and need to bring all their gear. Amazingly, the stroller still folds into a compact size and the lightweight frame makes it easy to maneuver and travel with.

Weight & Age Restrictions:

  • Car Seat Age Range: 4-35 lbs
  • Stroller Age Range: Up to 55 lbs
Check current prices here!

Britax B-Free Sport & B-Safe Gen2 Flexfit+ – Best Travel System Jogger

This system comes with the B-Safe Gen2 FlexFit Plus infant car seat and base, B-Free Sport Stroller,  and adapters. The car seat has a steel frame and a shock absorbing base to provide your baby with maximum safety. The stroller has a three-wheel jogger design, which can be hard to find as a travel system. The handlebar is super easy to adjust along with the ability to fold the stroller with just one hand.

Another big bonus is the amount of storage with the huge basket and great storage pockets! You will definitely be able to bring everything you need along with you. 

Weight & Age Restrictions:

  • Car Seat Age Range: Up to 35 lbs
  • Stroller Age Range: Up to 65 lbs
Check it out here!

Graco FastAction Fold Travel System – Easy to Use Design

The Graco FastAction Fold system comes with a SnugRide Click Connect 30 car seat and a lightweight stroller. This is another extremely popular and highly rated car seat. As for the stroller, it stands out among competitors with its FastAction fold system that collapses the unit in a few seconds. Talk about taking ease to a new level! The stroller is light, collapses with one hand and stands on its own for storage.

This stroller was designed with older children in mind as well. The seat is adjustable and reclines for a comfortable ride. The extra large storage basket and parent tray with cup holders make this a great all-around travel stroller system.

Weight & Age Restrictions: 

  • Car Seat Age Range: 4-35 lbs
  • Stroller Age Range: Newborn to 5 years
Check current prices here!

Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System – Great for Travel

The Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel Stroller System includes the onBoard 35 LT infant car seat with the base and compatible stroller. The QuickClick LATCH system secures the car seat to the stroller quickly and securely. You will find that the visor on the car seat along with the visor on the stroller provides great sun protection. Some other features I love are the super agile wheels, the 5-point harness on the stroller component, and the perfectly sized storage basket.

The entire system was designed with the priority of having lightweight components easy to travel with. This being said they made sure to create a stroller that is also easy to collapse with one hand. This is a great simple & complete travel system.

Weight & Age Restrictions: 

  • Car Seat Age Range: Up to 35 lbs
  • Stroller Age Range: Up to 50 lbs
Check it out here!

Graco Modes Nest Travel System

I have been thoroughly impressed by this stroller! The Graco Modes Nest Travel System offers numerous high-end features while still remaining affordable. It comes with the Graco Modes Nest stroller base, toddler seat, the Graco SnugRide 35 Lite Elite Infant Car Seat, and car seat base.

The standout feature of the Graco Modes Nest Travel System is its versatile configurations, allowing it to function as an infant car seat, Pramette (bassinet), or regular toddler stroller. It effortlessly adapts as your baby grows, with seamless transitions between modes. Switching the toddler seat from forward-facing to rear-facing was surprisingly effortless, and attaching the car seat to the base was also a breeze. All of these modes remind me a lot of the Uppababy Vista! You can find my full review of this travel system here.

Weight & Age Restrictions: 

  • Infant Car Seat Age Range: 4-35 lbs
  • Stroller Age Range: Up to 50 Lbs
Check it out here!

Here’s Why We Think New Parents Need a Travel Stroller System

Travel system strollers are ideal because they give you easy mobility with a small infant. Your baby cannot sit in a regular stroller until they can sit up on their own. For most babies, this is around 5-7 months old. Until then they either need to be laid back completely flat, placed in a bassinet, or be in a car seat that is part of a travel stroller system. Of course, there is always the option to carry them or wear them but this ties up your hands and becomes super difficult as they put on those baby rolls.

The travel stroller system is one of the best options out there because you get everything you need for your newborn all in one. Then, as a bonus, you get to continue using the stroller even after they have long outgrown their rear-facing car seat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top rated stroller travel system?

Best Overall- UPPAbaby Vista V2 + Mesa Infant Car Seat Travel System
Best Bang for Your Buck- Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System
Best Lightweight Travel System- Nuna Tavo & Pipa RX

What is the lightest stroller travel system?

Our favorite light weight stroller travel system is the Nuna Tavo & Pipa RX. This set is very lightweight and folds up nearly flat for storage.

Why is UPPAbaby so popular?

UPPAbaby makes great strollers that are built for the long run, easy to use, and are made of high-end materials.

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