12 Pieces of New Mom Jewelry You’ll Adore

There are many ways to congratulate a new mama, from flowers to balloons or cooking her up a meal for when she first comes home. But, if you are looking for something a little more special than that, a keepsake perhaps, then you are going to want to check out the gorgeous jewelry pieces I rounded up below.

Read on for our 12 favorite pieces of new mom jewelry that you are sure to adore!

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Why Choose Jewelry for a New Mom Gift?

Whether you are buying this mom jewelry for someone close to you or as a little something for yourself, we’re here for it! I think what makes mom jewelry feel so special is that it is like being welcomed into a new club.

It can be quite the journey to become a mama. So, of course, you deserve to show it off and shout it from the rooftops! All the pieces we have brought together on our list are dainty yet stunning and can be worn from the very beginning of motherhood. 

Before You Buy a New Mom Jewelry…

There are a few things you should keep in mind. Let’s go over those below first.

What color jewelry does she usually wear? 

Whenever you are picking out jewelry for someone, it is important to think about whether they typically wear rose gold, gold, or silver. That way you know you are getting them something they can mix and match with their other jewelry. Personally, I mix my metals and often wear gold and silver. Still, it is something to consider! 

What is your price point?

Before buying any type of jewelry it’s very important to think about what your price point is. I have included a wide range of price points on our list so that you can pick something within the range you feel comfortable with.

Is this a push present, keepsake, or just a fun way to celebrate finally earning the title “mama”? 

If you are the new dad or grandma, the piece you pick out will probably have a lot more meaning to the new mom than trendy jewelry from a coworker.

Nothing is wrong with either option! However, if you want this to be a piece that lasts you are going to want to pick something timeless that is made of high-quality materials. 

Did you come here because you heard your wife talking about push presents? If so, keep in mind these are gifts to the new mom from her partner and they tend to be keepsake quality. I think Tiny Tags makes the BEST options for this.

Shop my Tiny Tags favorites!

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Necklaces for Moms

Birth Month Flower Necklace Made By Mary

I had to start off the list with one of my own personal favorites. Made by Mary creates absolutely gorgeous jewelry that would be perfect for a new mom because it is simple but has big meaning behind it. For a new mama, I think the birth flower of her new arrival is perfect to put on the pendant.

You can also add a disc pendant behind, like in the photo above, with initials or mama. These necklaces come in rose-gold-filled, gold-filled, and silver. 

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Tiny Tags Mini Dog Tag Necklace

The first time I saw this necklace was on the influencer Madi Nelson, she has a mini dog tag with each of her children’s names. I just think it is the cutest thing ever!

It a small and delicate piece of jewelry attached to an elegant 14k gold chain that is adjustable in length, allowing the wearer to customize the fit to their liking. I really love the option to get it on a longer chain so you can wear it everyday and layer with with shorter necklaces when you like.

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Kinn™ Dear Kaia MAMA Necklace

Speaking of layering necklaces, I have seen tons of moms use necklaces like this as their shortest layer and it is perfect! It’s also a great length for a new mom because it is shorter and won’t get in the way or end up with her hair caught in it. 

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Erin Pelicano Necklaces

These adorable mother-daughter necklaces are the perfect gift for a new mom. Yes, of course, your new baby girl can’t wear the necklace right away, but what a sweet sentiment to have a necklace to give to your daughter that matches the necklace that mom received on the day she was born. Erin Pelicano has a wide variety of necklaces that share your family’s story.

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Haverhill Birthstone Necklace

Not only is the necklace absolutely gorgeous but it is sold by an awesome female-owned company! It comes in 14k yellow gold or white gold making it a great push present. Plus, for mamas with lots of little ones, you can get up to 9 birthstones where as other brands often have a limit of 4.

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Gold Bar Name Necklace from BlushesandGold

You know these bar necklaces are trending! I have to say it’s definitely a trend I am willing to hop on the bandwagon for. These make a great jewelry gift for a new mom because she can add future children or loved ones onto the chain. Plus, these bar necklaces are great for layering or wearing on their own so she can easily pair it with the rest of her jewelry. 

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Skinny Mini Bar Necklace by CustomBrites

One bar necklace just would not be enough for this list, and so, we had to give you another option. These bar necklaces hang horizontally rather than vertically.

I love this Etsy shop because they allow you to completely customize the necklace; from the bar length to chain length, font, number of characters, and metal color. You could put anything on this necklace from the simple “mom” to the baby’s name. 

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Birthstone and Initial Necklace by delezhen 

This is the perfect necklace for whimsical mamas. The birthstone is in the back and then there is a little leaf pendant that you can put the baby’s initial on. I think they are gorgeous. 

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New Mama Necklace 

Sometimes, it is hard to come up with the words yourself for what to tell a new mom about this journey. This necklace comes on a card that will do it for you! It emphasizes the importance of self-care and self-love, two things every new mom needs to hear. 

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Rings for New Moms

Delicate Name Ring

These delicate name rings are the perfect addition to any ring stack. They come in silver, gold, or rose gold and give multiple options for the font. This is a piece of jewelry that can be worn every single day, which makes it really special! 

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Amara Mama Ring

This ring is classic and timeless. It is made of sterling silver making it high quality and durable. I love that it is a piece that can worn everyday and it will pair greatly with any other jewelry you are wearing.

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Custom Birthstone Ring

These custom rings remind me of Toi et Moi ring, which is extremely popular right now as an engagement ring. Except these are even more special because the ring will contain your baby (or babies) birthstones. This is a beautiful way to give a new mom a very thoughtful gift.

Keep in mind these are hand-made so be sure to read through the full Etsy description on how the process works. Also, remember these can take up to 7 weeks before being shipped.

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Bracelets for New Moms

Little Words Project Mama Bracelet

I love this mama bracelet. It would be the perfect addition to a stack. Plus, Little Words Project has tons of bracelet options and many different colors to choose from.

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Tiny Name Bracelet

You can’t go wrong with a simple and stylish option when searching for new mom jewelry. Plus, this bracelet is super lightweight meaning you won’t even notice you are wearing it. I think I might just order this one for myself right now, how about you? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I write on new moms jewelry?

You can include things like the baby’s name, birthdate, or simply “mom”/”mama”.

What is the best new mom jewelry gift?

I think Tiny Tags makes the BEST new mom jewelry. Their jewelry is timeless and dainty making them perfect for daily use and to pair with other pieces as the years pass.

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