The Down Low on Meal Delivery for Kids + Our 5 Favorites

Feeding a hungry family at the end of the day can be daunting, especially after a busy day of running around, working, and caring for your children. Using a meal delivery service is a great way to save time and energy! Ordering meals ahead means that you’ll have a fridge stocked with lunch and dinner options that you can warm and serve, reducing the wait time, prep time, and cook time. Best of all, using a meal delivery for kids will give you more time to enjoy together as a family. 

These 5 meal delivery options for kids are worth the investment because they provide nutritious meals specifically put together with children in mind. Many services exist for adult meals, but these 5 services cater to children’s palates, preferences, and nutritional needs. 

Meal Delivery Must-Haves

  • Meals your kid will eat: ordering meal delivery is only effective if the food is tasty. You want a service that has variety along with meal staples to ensure your child will eat each meal without any complaints.
  • Balanced meals: the benefit of ordering meal delivery is getting a well-rounded, full meal right to your door. 
  • Simple and easy: by ordering you want meals that are quick to prepare, ideally in under 5 minutes. This makes it easy for busy parents like you to get dinner ready without any hassle.
  • Flexible scheduling: taking a chance on meal delivery means that you’ll want a program you can pause, stop, or cancel at any time… just in case!
  • Quality ingredients: each meal delivery option has quality, real ingredients. Many are ever never-frozen meals. This ensures you’re receiving real food with a home-cooked quality that saves time but doesn’t skip on nutrition.

The Down Low on Meal Delivery for Kids + Our 5 Favorites

1: Yumble Kids 


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Yumble Kids wants to help make mealtimes fun by providing never frozen meals that use local fresh ingredients. Each meal is based on nutritionist-approved recipes, which ensures your child is eating balanced meals. Plus, they use post-recycled packaging, so you won’t have to worry about the added trash created by choosing a meal delivery service.

Working with Yumble is easy, it’s a 3 step process. The first step is picking a plan that suits your family’s and child’s needs. Once you know how many meals you need you can sit down and choose each meal from the weekly menu. I love that you can plan your child’s meals to reflect what the rest of the family is eating. It’s also a fun way to catch your child’s interest when it comes to fueling their body, as they can sit and help you pick or at least watch and become part of the process. 

Our favorite things about this meal delivery option for kids is that the meals are well-balanced, offer a range of options and are pre-cooked. This all saves you time and energy which you can spend enjoying dinner together as a family where everyone finishes their meal.

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2: Nurture Life Meal Delivery for Kids

Nurture Life has three plans available, one for babies, toddlers, and kids. This means you can start early on with your baby’s first bites and carry it well into school-age. Nurture Life offers a “flexible mealtime solution” to save you time and energy during your busy schedule. Families are often on the move and using a service to provide balanced, nutritious meals that fit your active lifestyle is a great way to ensure everyone is eating right and growing.

The Nurture Life plans offer “no commitment” so you can skip weeks, pause when needed, or cancel at any time. The menus are all put together by a team of dietitians and chefs to provide nutritionally balanced meals specific to your child’s age and development. Every meal is freshly made with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Plus, some meals can be chosen as “family meals” with more servings available. You can even add snacks on! 

3: Little Spoon


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At Little Spoon, they believe that “first bites matter” and strive to deliver quality baby food right to your door. To order through Little Spoon you first take a quiz to explore your baby’s preferences and where they are in their development. From this quiz, they create a custom meal plan for your little one and offer fresh organic food chosen specifically for your baby. Deliveries will come every other week, each time providing two weeks’ worth of fresh food. 

Their “baby blends” are delivered straight to your door in individual containers. Babyblends don’t use preservatives. Plus, they use natural cooking methods to help maintain the natural, organic, and nutrient composition of each fruit and vegetable.

We love this meal delivery option for kids because the organic, quality ingredients like homestyle fruit and vegetable purees are made with your baby’s preferences and development in mind. You’ll find staples like butternut squash, green beans, and sweet potatoes on the menu frequently. 

4: Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct is an online fresh market that delivers groceries right to your door. In addition to fresh groceries, they also offer Prepared Foods, which includes family-friendly meals for the whole family and Fresh Direct Kids which are kids meals ready to eat. These meals come boxed and labeled for easy storage and can be purchased individually or paired with groceries or meals for the rest of the family.

There are a variety of family-friendly meal options and a handful of kids specific meals. This service is also great for families that actually like to cook since you can pick out ingredients on your own. I would say this is the best meal delivery option for kids and parents who really want to customize and get all their grocery shopping done through one service. 

5: Hello Fresh


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Hello Fresh is a very popular meal kit delivery service. While they don’t offer a meal delivery plan specifically for kids, they do have a “family-friendly” meal plan. This plan uses kid-friendly recipes in the weekly meals, giving you a meal the entire family can enjoy.

Keep in mind, Hello Fresh is not pre-cooked meals. Rather a recipe and ingredients to make home-cooked, quick meals with no shopping, recipe searching, or meal planning required. You will choose your meals on a weekly basis and you’ll have a whopping 20 meals to choose from. The family plan can be customized to family size, either 2 or 4 people, and recipes for 2, 3, or 4 meals each week. 

This meal delivery option is worth the investment because it gives you the chance to cook well-rounded meals at home without all the prep work. You can feed your family one meal together and choose the weekly menu all at once as a family. You can cancel or pause this service at any time, making it easy to adapt your 2-4 meals a week to your changing schedule.

What Meal Delivery Will You Try for Your Kids?

As you can see there’s a meal delivery option for kids out there that make life a little easier! Preparing a home-cooked meal 7 days a week is a lot on top of your already busy days. By using a meal service, you will provide quick, nutritious, and tasty meals to your kiddos every day. This will save you from the drive-through or extra grocery store stops throughout the week. Best of all, it gives you more time to spend with your kids throughout the afternoon and evening. Whether you need lunches, dinners, or nutritious snacks, a meal delivery service can provide exactly what you need.

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