Snack Sized Adventures for Screen-Free Family Fun [Fueled by Nature’s Bakery]

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Childhood is meant to be full of adventures! As a parent, we are often tasked with being the creator of these adventures and I will be the first to admit that it can be difficult to come up with new and exciting things to do as a family. Other families are feeling this struggle as well – A survey conducted by Nature’s Bakery found the majority (56%) of parents believe it’s difficult to find an activity the whole family would be interested in. In response to this, Nature’s Bakery created the Snack Sized Adventures microsite that is full of bite-sized activities built to easily fill in the gaps and get families off screens and couches and out in the world together. The microsite is a parent’s sigh of relief for rainy days, long road trips, or even lazy weekends as it provides a wide array of simple and inexpensive tech-free adventures that fit seamlessly into everyday life, rain or shine (or snow!). 

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These activities will help your family bond by discovering new things, getting outside together, and letting your imaginations run wild. Each activity includes various ratings to let you know what you’re getting into beforehand, like a mess rating and the amount of time it will take to complete. If you want to easily find an activity idea again later or save it for future reference, make sure to favorite it! You can also like and dislike activities based on your family’s taste, and the activity suggestions will be catered to your preferences.  

My Favorite Snack Sized Adventures

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If you are interested in teaching your little one about how things grow, Seed Bombing definitely needs to be on your to-do list. You can find full instructions for how to make a seed bomb on the Snack Sized Adventures microsite. Once you have made your seed bombs, you place them in a garden or indoor pot, and eventually, your flowers will begin to bloom. It’s so fun to watch them grow during the dreary winter weeks! 

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Another activity I recommend is playing with your food together! You might think this sounds crazy, but trust me, it’s so fun! The Snack Sized Adventures microsite instructions for this activity where you use Nature’s Bakery snacks (I love the raspberry fig bars!) to create a Snackable Bouquet of Flowers. You can crush brownies up as dirt, use the fig bars and some frosting to create your flowers, and then you’ll need some celery sticks for stems. 

Don’t Forget to Fuel Your Adventures with Nature’s Bakery’s Better-For-You Snacks!

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Of course, you will need some fuel for these adventures! Nature’s Bakery snacks are a great choice with hearty grains and wholesome ingredients to keep you full. Plus, with flavors like Double Chocolate Brownie bars, even your picky eater is sure to be a fan. 

Ready to get to planning? Visit and discover what your next adventure should be! 

Let us know your family’s favorite adventure memories in the comments below!

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