The Best Postpartum Girdle (Belly Wrap); The Key to Comfort

No matter what you call it, a postpartum girdle, belly wrap, or belly band, this wearable device gives your abdomen the support it needs post-birth. Along with support, it compresses your midsection and increases circulation so that your body can have an accelerated healing speed. Below you will find the best postpartum girdle options (including Beyonce’s favorite choice!).

Because your body is so amazing and has muscle memory, wearing a postpartum girdle can also help you get back to your pre-baby body. Just keep in mind, there is no rush for this because you created a beautiful little person. It’s okay if your body shows the signs of that! A postpartum girdle has three important purposes; to heal muscles, reduce swelling, and increase circulation. Follow along for our complete guide to the best postpartum girdle!

Why is a postpartum belly wrap useful?

After giving birth, either vaginally or via c-section, the abdominal muscles have to recover and heal from carrying the baby. Your stomach, midsection, and back greatly benefit from some added support. A postpartum girdle is the best way to get that support. It works to hold everything in which also helps alleviate swelling and pain by compressing the area and increasing circulation. Your body has leftover fluid after pregnancy which needs to be cleared out and dispersed, and wearing a postpartum girdle may help this process move along faster. You will probably also want to find a postpartum pad you love. I promise with the combination of a postpartum girdle and relieving pads, you will get through this part of the journey with ease. 

When wearing a postpartum belly wrap you will feel more secure and supported. This is especially nice for the first few days after birth when your body is still undergoing major changes. Having something that’s easy to wear and comfortable can help reduce the painful post-birth symptoms some women experience.

Diastasis Recti is one of these symptoms. It is a very common condition where “the two large parallel bands of muscles that meet in the middle of the abdomen separate” after pregnancy causing a bulge. A postpartum girdle can be very helpful in solving this issue. Of course, talk to your doctor or midwife before using this as your solution.  It is extra important to speak with your doctor if you think the diastasis recti is causing you pain. 

What to look for in a postpartum belly wrap:

  • Comfort: You want something that’s comfortable. Many women wear their postpartum belly wrap for 10 to 12 hours each day and if you’re going to be wearing anything for that long it should be comfortable.
  • Compression: It should offer compression and support to hold everything in, but not be so restricting that you struggle to breathe or move around.
  • Easy to put on: After birth, you’ll want something that’s easy to get on and off. You will also want something that fits under your clothes and doesn’t get in the way.
  • Supportive: Whichever belly wrap you choose it should support you in the right places. Look for support in the lower back, stomach, and abdominal region.

7 of the Best Postpartum Girdle Options

We have organized our list of the best postpartum girdles in order of complexity. Some options are simple, one closure belly wraps, others have more closures, custom fit options, and are larger for more support.

All the postpartum belly wraps on this list offer wrapped support which is perfect for supporting the abdominal region as well as the back. Each belly wrap is adjustable to suit your needs and fit your body as it changes post-birth.

Belly Bandit – Beyonce Favorite (And Our #1 Choice, Too!)

If it’s good enough for Beyonce, it’s good enough for us. Jokes aside, our #RookieMomSquad Twin Mom, Tabitha, says she would recommend this product for belly and back support. She does suggest making sure to measure and get the right size before ordering. On top of the belly wrap, she loved the Thighs Disguise product for a little extra boost of support. Read more about Tabitha’s first-trimester experience here!

Many consider this the original belly wrap, the Belly Bandit. The simple design of the stretchy and flexible single closure belly wrap makes it easy to put on and adjust throughout the day. The Power Compress Core provides targeted compression to all the right areas to help reduce pain and increase comfort. Another notable feature of this postpartum belly wrap is that it can be used during pregnancy as well for back support and a little extra compression throughout pregnancy. Get yours here! 

UpSpring Baby Belly Wrap

The first and simplest option for postpartum belly wraps is from UpSpring Baby. This belly wrap is one piece with velcro on one side that connects to the other. This simple wrap style is easy to get on and off, as there’s one piece to unhook and adjust as needed. It can be pulled as tightly as you want and is adjustable.

This is a great basic postpartum belly wrap as it’s easy to adjust and take on and off. It’s a great option for those that aren’t sure how much their bodies will change in the first few weeks to months and want something simple, affordable, and easy to use. Check here for current pricing!

Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Afterband Support Belt

Target has always been one of my favorite stores, but recently their women’s brands have really brought it up a notch. The Ingrid & Isabel postpartum girdle is a great example of this. You will feel like you are wearing a higher-end garment with its super smooth no show material. It stays in place just right and has support knitted in just in the spots you need.

It is made to hold you in place but still allows enough flexibility for you to engage your own core muscles, which is perfect for healing. You can purchase yours here!

ChongErfei Postpartum Belly Wrap

The ChongErfei Postpartum Belly Wrap offers more support than a standard belly wrap with added ribbing for back support. This prevents the wrap from rolling up or sliding down and gives you a bit more structure and support. The front has three adjustable tabs on one main panel which makes it easier to tailor the fit to around your rib cage, your middle, and around your hips. This postpartum belly wrap is made of 100% breathable cotton. It has three main panels, the two sides and the back for complete support. Check current prices here.

Leonisa Women’s High-Waist Postpartum Panty with Adjustable Belly Wrap

For a bit of a different route than your typical postpartum girdle, you can try out these postpartum panties with an adjustable belly wrap attached. It is made with their PowerSlim fabric which is perfect for shaping. You attach it with velcro around your back, so you get to choose the amount of pressure that feels best for you. Another great thing about this option is it really stays in place since it has attached panties and the top has hooks to attach to your bra. No one wants to deal with their wrap rolling down and having to readjust.

With this wrap, your body will snap back into shape. Check pricing here!

Trendyline Women Recovery Belly Band

Many women need a bit of extra support after having a c-section and the Trendyline Women Recovery Belly Band is a great option. With two support bands, this wrap will support your middle and has an added adjustment for back support. There’s mesh built in to allow proper ventilation and make it more comfortable throughout the day.

This postpartum belly wrap is also a bit wider to cover more of your midsection and provide more support from your hips through your waist. The front has two velcro tabs to allow for adjustment higher on your abdomen and lower and with the added back tabs this belly wrap is easy to adjust as your body changes. Check it out here!

3 in 1 Postpartum Support

Lastly and for the most support, consider the 3 in 1 Postpartum Support Belly Wrap by Gepoetry. This belly wrap is made of three belts that work together to provide the most support. It goes from under your chest to your hips. The belly belt compresses your stomach, the waist belt compresses your abdomen and helps your uterus shrink, and the pelvic belt supports proper pelvic positioning.

All 3 belts are included in one set and can be worn together for maximum support or separately. This lets you adjust the system to your needs and target the areas that need the most support. Here is current pricing.


Have questions about Pregnancy Belly Wraps, leave a message in the comments. Also, you are always welcome to check out our Rookie Moms Facebook Group for any additional support! There are lots of mamas there to share with and relate to. 

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