Pretend you’re in Paris

This is an outing for beginners: go to your favorite coffee/tea venue. You have about five more months to enjoy cafe culture. For your sake, I hope that some of this includes the warmer months. Once your baby crawls, she will not tolerate your fondness for people watching or spacing out, so live it up now. Pack up a journal, a trashy magazine, or a pile of thank you notes and head to a cafe. Park the stroller right next to you and breathe in the mocha-infused air.

If it’s raining, this outing is even better. You need to get out of the house and your new favorite coffee shop is a place you can go sit for an hour or two and just be proud that you went somewhere on your own. Yes, you can take the baby out in the rain or snow. Your mother surely took you. (Well, not me, ’cause I was born in San Diego). Go on, that hot chocolate has your name written all over it.

If you go to the same place every day, they will quickly remember you and your baby and probably your order. This might make you feel special. If you were me, you would take this on as a challenge and purposely seek out a place where they ask for your name so that you can arrive to a personalized greeting.

Before you leave the cafe, buy some treats for dessert tonight.  C’est magnifique!


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Baby too old for this? Try to get a cafe to make your tot a babyccino.

Need inspiration? Read rookie mom Kristin’s blog post about this first challenge.

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