Naptime project: Turn your sleeping baby into art

Since we profiled Adele’s beautiful photos, she has gone on to create beautiful photography books and a fun zen coloring book. See all her work >

The other day Milo fell asleep in his car seat, and I took his picture. Then I put a few props around him and shot a few more. I stopped at a stuffed pig and Whitney called me the under-achiever version of Mila’s Daydreams. (Or a G-rated version of

Have you already heard about Adele Enerson and her chosen maternity leave hobby? She photographs her daughter Mila’s imagined fantasy life at Somehow, Mila falls asleep (unswaddled!) and Adele manages to sneak around with folded blankets and a few key props (plates, flowers, an umbrella!) fueled by her vivid imagination (and thousands of website fans) to create amazing photos. Seriously stunning, inspiring, and funny.

The Real Princess Was Yawning by Adele Enersen

I love this Princess and the Pea homage, but see the video and tell my your favorite. My husband went nuts for the space baby.

(Stunning photos by: Mom aka Adele Enersen)
(Music by: Dad aka Lasse Enersen)

Visit or to get inspired for your own naptime project. If you do try this at home, please post a link so we can ogle at your efforts too. And maybe I’ll show you Milo daydreaming about his life as a farmer.

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