Guest post: Choosy moms choose wipe warmers

In response to a pregnant friend asking for baby product tips and must-haves, my friend Anna sent along this advice about the considerable merits of her wipe warmer:

When my daughter Emma was born, she cried constantly for days…she would not eat. We were so stressed…and we noticed that she was particularly upset when we were changing her. We tried everything, and finally got the wipe warmer. It was a miracle. She stopped crying completely, started sleeping through the night immediately, and was reciting the alphabet at 2 weeks. She smiled at all times and would touch the warm wipes in delight. She ate full meals, and her gross motor skills were amazing (sitting at 1 month). All due to the wipe warmer. I would not even dream of having a child without one.

For Mira we got 4 more to ensure that one was in each room. And she has been speaking two languages for 4 months now and she’s not even a year. We experimented once and stopped using the wipe warmer – immediately we experienced devastating results – crying, complete lack of appetite, gross and fine motor skill delay, lack of speaking – you name it. Then Mira just held the warm wipe and our genius baby was back.

p.s. You can actually warm wipes using your own balled-up fists (FREE!) and if they’re cold, rub them together (FREE!).

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