5 Reasons You’ll Love BabyBuddha Pump

There are many hands-free breast pumps on the market, which often makes it difficult to shop or request a pump before your baby is born. The Baby Buddha Pump offers a hands-free, productivity supporting pump that uses modern technology and a slim profile to help new moms get the most out of each pumping session.

The main selling point for the BabyBuddha Pump is, “what will you do with your freedom?,” indicating that this pump allows you to spend less time pumping and more time connecting with your baby, caring for your family, and living your life.

BabyBuddha Breast Pump Overview

The BabyBuddha is the world’s smallest and most portable breast pump currently on the market. This pump is battery operated, with flexibility to be charged at home as well as on the go. The design of the pump allows you to pump one or both sides at a time, with simple parts and an easy to use remote.

Overall this pump is small, light, easy to use, and designed to be used on the go, so you can be up and moving, out and about, and still be pumping as needed.

The overall cost ranges from $189 to $250, as this pump is designed to be and is capable of being your main breast pump, not a backup as some smaller profile pumps are. There is an option to use insurance plans to cover some or all of the cost, as well as a payment plan if needed.

This unit uses universal parts and is perfect for any mom who wants the option to pump anywhere they are, wants something portable, easy to use, and completely functional compared to other larger, more home based units.

Baby Buddha Pump Features

The biggest feature of this pump compared to other standard breast pumps is the ability to be both hands-free and portable. New moms are often busy and need to tend to their infant with the ability to move around, as opposed to being tethered to the wall. This pump not only gives you flexibility to move everywhere but also be completely hands-free while doing it.

With a simple controller that looks like a remote and is smaller than your smartphone, this pump is easy to use. It can be used with one hand, a simple swivel button gives you the freedom to choose between 14 different settings, giving you the perfect amount of suction and suction pattern to express more breast milk and empty quickly.

In addition to ease of use, comfort is also key with breast pumps. If it isn’t comfortable, chances are you’ll stop using it. This pump was designed to be comfortable, between the materials and parts used and the 14 unique suction settings, you’ll be able to find what works for you quickly.

Lastly, this pump is quieter than other models, as the slim design and control unit makes less noise, which is perfect since this pump is great for on the go use. While it does make some noise, many moms find it easy to use in public settings, from the workplace to on vacation and even in the car.

What is in the Pump’s Complete Kit

A complete kit with the BabyBuddha Pump includes everything you’ll need to pump right out of the box. The main component is the BabyBuddha Pump unit, offered in black, which is a slim remote style device. There are 2 bottles, 2 bottle bases, valves, flanges, 3 detachable tubes, 2 pump covers, and a carrying tote to keep everything together. The pump has a detachable lanyard to help keep everything completely portable and there is a USB charging cable, with the pump fully charging in 3 hours. 

This is a great beginner set for this pump, as it includes everything you need to get started and gives you enough to use the pump right away. Accessories as well as replacement parts are available as well, so you can add to the setup as needed. The pump parts were designed to be universal, and this paired with the large range of pump settings allows you to completely customize your experience.

What Accessories Should Your Pump Have

One accessory most will want to include is the hands-free bra. This is a must for any completely hands-free use, as the bra helps keep everything in place so you can move around while you pump. This comes in two sizes and one color, saving you time and guesswork, offering a completely compatible bra for easy use.

A range of pump parts and extra bottles are available on the website as well. For those looking for an in-store option, there are “Component Hacks” on the website, but it’s best to use BabyBuddha Pump brand parts when available.

Pros of the BabyBuddha Pump

  • Portable
  • Hands-free
  • Charges anywhere
  • Easy to use
  • Modern approach to pumping

Cons of the Baby Buddha Pump

  • Cost
  • Can’t get branded parts in most stores
  • May need to order different sized parts
  • Requires a hands free bra to be completely mobile

How to check out other reviews of the BabyBuddha Pump

Hey, it is important to do your full research on which breast pump to choose. There are other great ways to check out how people like or dislike the BabyBuddha pump.

Social Media Reviews

The BabyBuddha Pump has a large social media presence and following, indicating that this is a modern breast pump that many new moms are choosing because of the functionality and modern approach to pumping. Many Instagram stories featured on the website highlight how moms are using their pump and how easily the pump fits into their new parent lifestyle.

Their Instagram page offers real-time insight into how moms are using this pump not only hands-free at home but also on the go. The pump truly can be used anywhere and is a great option for those parents looking for a hands-free, fast pump that can be customized to their needs.

The Instagram stories tagged with this brand are a great way to see how the pump is being used and how a user feels about the product with continued use.

The real-life reviews of this pump are those of amazement and enjoyment, as moms need to pump on the go and it’s great to have a go-to pump for all their needs. The BabyBuddha allows you to use this as your main pump, no need to learn two pumps or have a separate unit for out of the home use.

Moms are pumping at t-ball, while getting their hair done, on vacation, anywhere they need to be while pumping. So many users are thankful for this pump and had almost life-changing results after they switched to the BabyBuddha Pump.

Online Reviews

The reviews also highlight that moms often pump beyond the first few weeks or months of their child’s life, and this pump helps them continue pumping for as long as they’d like.

Many new moms found that the BabyBuddha allowed them to pump more supply in each session which meant more nutrition for their child and the opportunity to freeze breastmilk to build up a stock. The pump also helped them empty more quickly which saved time in addition to increasing supply in each session.

This is a must-have product for anyone that is looking for a flexible, portable, and small but powerful breast pump that can function both as a main pump and as a travel pump.

With the small profile and customization options in terms of settings and parts, the BabyBuddha Pump is a highly functional pump with a modern twist. With the rave reviews and outperforming manual pumps, this is a great option for new moms and growing families as it can help you empty more fully at every session and build your supply.

Is Baby Buddha FDA Approved

Yes the BabyBuddha Pump is 100% FDA and CPSC approved. They went above and beyond to make sure that every part of our pump is 100% safe.

What bottles is Baby Buddha Pump compatible with?

The BabyBuddha Pump comes with wide mouth bottles. So any pump that has the wide bottles should fit the BabyBuddha pump body perfectly.

Does the Baby Buddha Pump come with a Starter Kit

Hello, the BabyBuddha comes with everything you need to get started. Kiinde bags are sold separately by them. Thank you.

If you have any questions or comments about the BabyBuddha Pump please leave a comment below.

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