Master your household tasks

When I am queen of the universe, I will never ever have to do another dish. Nobody in my house will leave the cap off the toothpaste or leave a wet towel on the floor. And if, by chance, I ever do it, someone will pick up immediately after me without any judgment or dirty looks.

Part of our task master (AKA referee)

Since I’m not the official queen of anything and I still hate doing dishes, Alec and I used the Nest’s Task master checklist as a means to divide up our regular chores. is a sister site to wedding-planning site,The Knot, and it’s for newlyweds. I only got to use that site for about one month before having to turn my allegiance to BabyCenter and The Bump (the daughter site) but that’s a story for another day.

The Taskmaster List divides up the sweeping and dusting but also gift buying and vacation planning. What’s fun about this activity is the feeling of relief you will get when it’s done, and the pleasure of seeing it all written down.

What’s lame about this activity is that it might also cause you to face your own June-Cleaver fantasies or shed some light on your mate’s primal Neanderthal leanings. Or maybe that was just me.

Go on, get started on your own chore list!

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