Build muscles at baby bootcamp

Baby bootcamp in Oakland

By the time my first baby was 10 weeks old, I had not exercised for about 6 months. Baby Bootcamp was my re-introduction to sweating and I loved it. I was not a gym-goer in my normal life, and Baby Bootcamp (or similar classes with cheeky names like Mama Army or Fit 4 Mom) was perfect for me. Here’s why:

  1. Good company. Exercising in the company of other sleep-deprived, temporarily overweight, leaky-breasted women is more fun.
  2. Encouraging vibe. It was no problem that I walked the course rather than ran it much of the time. I had many excuses lined up for not running (all of which are somewhat valid and mostly shared by other participants).
  3. Stopping is cool. Stopping to deal with my fussy baby was totally expected. Everyone had to stop at some point.
  4. Good for my brain and body. My Baby Bootcamp classes got me out of the house to do something good for myself and enjoy the outdoors.

This is our 23rd Rookie Mom challenge. Not ready for it? Go back and pick an easier one.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can invite your partner and show him or her how awesome and athletic you are. The other parent and grandparents can tag along for free.

Finding a regular class is SO MUCH EASIER than forcing yourself to stop for core workouts in the middle of a power walk alone. Check and a similar organization for locations and schedules. Or google “mom and baby fitness classes near me” and see what you see.

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[photo: Heather Flett, Whitney Mattocks]

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