3 Best Tricycle Strollers [An Epic Upgrade to Family Walks!]

Author: Emily Myers | Published: 11/6/2023

Our family recently added a tricycle stroller to our baby gear line-up when my toddler was gifted one on his first birthday. I hadn’t considered one before, but he has been loving it and it’s been the best addition to our daily walks! A tricycle stroller is an inventive hybrid that effortlessly bridges the gap between the stroller’s comfort and a trike’s thrill.

In our expert roundup below, we will dive into the best tricycle stroller picks that blend safety, comfort, and fun! Our list includes the luxurious Bentley 6-in-1 Stroller Trike, the travel-friendly Doona Liki Trike, and the affordable Joovy Tricycoo.

The 3 Best Tricycle Strollers

We had multiple reviewers, including myself, try out tricycle strollers so that we could give you a guide to choosing the best one for your little one!

Bentley 6-in-1 Stroller Trike – Overall Top Pick

Quick Glance: Stylish, Durable, 5-Point Harness, Grow-with-Me Features

When luxury meets functionality, you get the Bentley 6-in-1 Tricycle Stroller. It is crafted to grow with your child and is designed for both durability and style. This is the stroller trike my little guy has been riding in every morning for our walks to feed the ducks! We honestly wouldn’t change a thing about it.

While the price tag is high, you will get years of use out of this stroller trike. It offers multiple stages of use, including an infant car seat carrier mode and various tricycle modes.

Safety Features: A paramount consideration for any parent, this tricycle stroller doesn’t skimp on safety. It’s equipped with a secure 5-point harness, a protective UV canopy, and a robust frame to handle all sorts of adventures. Plus, the puncture-resistant tires mean fewer worries about flats during your outings.

Convenience Factors: Parental convenience is woven into every aspect of this stroller trike. An adjustable push handle gives you full control, while the reclining seat ensures your toddler can nap on the go. Not to forget the spacious storage basket that tags along for all your essentials.

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Doona Liki Trike – Best for Travel

Quick Glance: Compact, Foldable, Great Add-Ons Available

With the urban family in mind, the Doona Liki Tricycle Stroller is a marvel of compact, foldable design. If space is at a premium or you’re frequently on the move, this is the stroller trike for you.

Safety Features: This model comes standard with a 5-point harness and UV canopy, coupled with a safety bar for added peace of mind. Non-puncture tires offer a reliably smooth ride on a variety of terrains.

Convenience Features: Its foldability is a game-changer for travel-loving families. Transitioning from a snug stroller to a fully functioning tricycle, the Doona Liki also boasts an array of add-ons, including the much-appreciated cup holder for those early morning jaunts.

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Joovy Tricycoo – Budget-Friendly Pick

Quick Glance: Under $200, Adaptable

The Joovy Tricycoo Tricycle Stroller is all about adapting to the changing needs of your growing child. Its vibrant and inviting design is just the start.

Safety Features: A 5-point harness and UV canopy are standard, ensuring your child is safe and shaded. The added safety bar and parent push handle make for a secure ride as you guide your little one along.

Convenience Touches: The Joovy Tricycoo doesn’t fall short on convenience, offering an adjustable and reclining seat, a removable canopy, and generous storage options. It folds simply, making storage and transport a breeze.

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Why Choose a Tricycle Stroller?

In my (many) years as a mama, I have learned that there is a transition period where your baby no longer wants to be in a stroller but isn’t ready to walk long distances. That’s where the tricycle stroller comes in! My toddler looks at this as a much more fun alternative to the stroller and hops right in, whereas he is a bit hesitant to get in the stroller these days.

Unlike traditional tricycles geared for independent riders, a tricycle stroller like the Bentley, Doona, or Joovy offers a controlled, safe introduction to pedaling. It’s the best of both worlds, with safety features akin to strollers and the mobility of a trike.

Tricycle strollers provide an effortless transition from passive riding to active pedaling, accommodating younger children who are just starting to develop coordination. I feel like my little guy will be well-prepared when the time comes to ride his own trike and then bicycle alongside us since the idea has been introduced to him already!

Pros and Cons

Pros of Tricycle Strollers:

  1. Versatility: Tricycle strollers are versatile and can serve multiple purposes as your child grows. They typically have different stages or modes, allowing you to use them as a stroller, a tricycle, or even a balance bike.
  2. Exercise and Coordination: Tricycle strollers encourage physical activity and help improve a child’s balance, coordination, and motor skills from an early age.
  3. Parental Control: Many tricycle strollers come with a parent push handle that allows you to control the direction and speed, giving you peace of mind and keeping your child safe, especially in busy or unfamiliar environments.
  4. Comfort and Safety: Tricycle strollers often feature safety harnesses, canopies for sun protection, comfortable seating, and footrests, ensuring your child’s comfort and safety during rides.
  5. Smooth Transition: They offer a gradual transition from a traditional stroller to a tricycle, making it easier for children to learn to pedal and steer.
  6. Storage and Convenience: Some tricycle strollers come with storage baskets or compartments for carrying essentials like toys, snacks, and diaper bags.

Cons of Tricycle Strollers:

  1. Cost: Quality tricycle strollers can be relatively expensive compared to traditional strollers or tricycles, which might be a consideration for budget-conscious parents.
  2. Size and Portability: Tricycle strollers tend to be bulkier and heavier than traditional strollers, making them less convenient for travel and transportation. They may not fit in smaller car trunks.
  3. Limited Age Range: While they are designed to accommodate different age groups, tricycle strollers might have weight or height limits, and children may outgrow them sooner than traditional strollers.
  4. Assembly and Maintenance: Some tricycle strollers require assembly, and their maintenance can be more involved due to the moving parts, wheels, and pedals.
  5. Learning Curve: If your child is used to a regular stroller, there might be a learning curve in transitioning to a tricycle stroller, and some children may resist this change.
  6. Terrain Limitations: Tricycle strollers might not be as suitable for rough or uneven terrain compared to traditional strollers with large, air-filled tires.

Whether you opt for the Bentley, Doona, or Joovy, you’re on the right path to nurturing your toddler’s adventurous spirit with the ideal balance of guidance and freedom!

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