Visit the fabric store

This is our fourth weekly challenge for rookie moms.

fabric design: Teresa Chan Graphics, used with permission

Take a walk through a fabric store with your baby in a front carrier.

If you’re game, pick up something for a fun craft project.

If your baby’s gender was not known and you have stack of grey clothes you don’t love, buy some bright buttons or trim and sew them on to give the clothes a little more character.

Can you handle a project beyond sewing on a button? Be brave, girl!

Purchase a long swath of fabric and create a no-sew Moby wrap (AKA fauxby wrap, that’s faux-Moby wrap, we’re into puns) using our easy-peasy tutorial.

Or select a large square of flannel for an easy swaddling blanket.

Both of these sewing projects are so simple that I’ve done them each three or four times. And I’m not the crafty one.

Baby older than this? Let her touch all the different fabrics, faux furs, zippers, and doodads under your close supervision.

Did you complete this challenge? Love it or hate it, tell us how it went:

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