The 11 Best Changing Tables for Your Nursery

A staple in many nurseries and households with small children is a changing table. Having one, or two, in any household makes handling dirty diapers, changing outfits, and keeping baby clean a bit easier. Many nurseries aren’t complete without one, and these top 11 best changing tables range in style, functionality, and price point.

The 11 Best Changing Tables for Your Nursery

What is a changing table?

A changing table is basically a flat, safe surface you use to change a baby’s diaper. Most of them are elevated pieces of furniture. They are either storage units or dressers that have a flat top with safety rails. Changing pads are added to keep the baby safe and secure while the changing occurs.

Why is having one useful?

A changing table is a flat, safe surface to change a diaper. This surface places the baby at a height and in a position that makes it easier to change a diaper. Much better than the floor or on a couch! Many of them also have a place for all the necessary diaper changing supplies. This keeps everything within arm’s reach and makes it easier to change a diaper or an outfit.

Must-Haves List

  • Functionality: it must be functional and useful in the nursery or room. If it doesn’t function as needed the family won’t use it.
  • Safety: you must secure it safely to keep your baby safe while changing their diapers.
  • Customizable: most families want the changing table to match the nursery. They also want the ability to convert storage as needed.
  • Convertible: most households only use their changing tables for a few years. So, finding one that can be converted to a bookshelf, storage option, or dresser could be a better investment.

Types of Changing Tables

Open shelving: this style uses a more open concept with the top portion for changing and the bottom open shelves for storage.

Folding: this style is a portable option that folds in half like a chair. This provides an elevated changing service and storage with the added ability to move it around the house.

Dresser combination: this style changing table uses the top of the dresser as the changing surface. The bottom half is drawers just like a standard dresser.

Crib and changer: this style attaches to the crib for an all-in-one unit. The changing table is off to one end of the crib and has under storage for diapers and other items. Many of these cribs and changing table units have a 4-in-1 design and grow with your child.

Top 11 Best Changing Tables  

1. Rory Dresser & Changing Table

Pottery Barn always has some of the most beautiful furniture and this Rory Dresser and topper set fits right into that mold. Expertly crafted from solid poplar wood, spruce veneers, an engineered wood that lends exceptional strength and ensures that the dresser and changing table topper will endure over time. We have had our Pottery Barn Changing table through all 5 kids, they truly do last. Check it out here!


This nursery station has a flat top that can accommodate a changing pad. The bottom portion is an open shelving style and comes with several fabric baskets for easy storage. One side of the storage is smaller baskets for diapers, supplies, and accessories. The other is a larger upright space for a hamper to store dirty clothes or cloth diapers.


Another open concept changing station is this one, which has two bottom shelves and a simple tabletop. There are decorative and protective rails on all four sides to give parents visibility and security while changing the baby. The two bottom shelves are completely open and easy to customize with decorative baskets. They can also function as the diaper and supply storage. This is a great, simple yet elegant piece to add to any nursery as it can function to store whatever may be needed as the baby grows and changes.


There are many elegant and simple changing tables. This one from Delta is a great sturdy option with decorative and supportive ends and rails at the top. This changing table will match many crib designs with deep wood and elegant lines. The sides are enclosed with decorative slats which helps keep items on the shelves and reduces climbing when the child is older. The top has protective rails that match many crib designs and a platform large enough to fit most changing pads. Both storage shelves have raised edges to keep baskets securely in place and give the piece a finished look.


Many parents like to have space in their changing table for a laundry hamper or diaper disposal and this changing table by Modern Baby has that dedicated space. The baskets come with this piece which makes it easy to move in supplies, clothes, and other necessities. The simple laundry hamper is great for dirty clothes, as baby will be changed frequently in this space. You could also repurpose this area as diaper disposal if needed. The simple lines in this piece offer protection and security with an elegant, minimal design, perfect for any nursery or as a second changing table in the main living space.


Some families may want the convenience of a changing table but need it to be portable, or store easily depending on the layout of the home. This folding diaper station takes the functionality of a changing table and merges it with the portability of a travel changing pad. The top portion has a sloped design to help keep baby safe while the built-in storage basket and bottom shelf offers a space for extra diapers and wipes. This is great for co-sleeping families as it can stand in the bedroom or main space and be completely accessible without having to visit the nursery every time.


For a dresser that is fully integrated with a changing table, take a look at this one by Dream on Me. The changing table features thick rails that are built into the dresser for a seamless look that’s guaranteed to keep baby secure. The neutral color will help this dresser and changing table unit match a range of nursery themes. There are three deep drawers which make this piece perfect for storing clothing in addition to functioning as a changing table.


A simple dresser changing table is a great option for a nursery of any gender, as the furniture can be used later no matter the decor change or needs of the child. This dresser has a large changing platform that can handle a variety of changing pads and three large drawers for storage. Another benefit of this dresser is that you can stop using it as a changing table as soon as you don’t need one. The top can be used to store supplies, toys, or whatever need the room has while the family can change baby elsewhere if a changing table doesn’t work for them.


This dresser style changing table has a removable changing station which makes it the perfect piece of furniture for a nursery and a child’s room. The dresser has 3 large drawers that you can use for diaper changing supplies as well as clothing. There is also a larger cabinet space for a hamper, larger supplies, or diaper disposal. There are shelves that fit into this space, so you can convert it to suit your needs. When your child is past needing a changing table space you can remove the top supports and have a dresser for the room.


Some families want a crib that will last through to toddlerhood, and this convertible crib/changer does just that. This crib starts out as a mini crib with an attached changing table. The changing table is small, but perfect for extra storage without needing a second piece of furniture. As your child grows the crib turns into a mini day bed with an attached changer, and eventually can be converted into a twin-sized bed with the changer removed and used as extra room storage.


Another great option for saving some space and for something a bit more budget-friendly is this 4-in-1 convertible crib and changer. This unit merges a more full-sized crib with a simple changing station, complete with drawers for added storage. As the baby grows you can convert the crib to a daybed and eventually a twin-sized bed. This will save you the hassle of upgrading beds and moving furniture. The changer can be used as extra storage in the baby’s room once they’ve moved beyond the crib.

With so many options on the market, it can be tricky to find one that suits your needs before your baby arrives. Many popular changing tables convert to dressers or storage options which is great, especially for first-time parents. Choosing the right one is different for each family. Many of these top 11 changing tables will convert to dressers, storage, or beds which gives you many more years of use!

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