47 Autumn Baby Names for Your New Addition

Are you expecting a little one during the cozy autumn months or looking to honor your favorite season? If the cool breezes, warm sweaters, and nature-inspired names speak to you, this list of Autumn baby names is tailor-made for you.

Dive into unique and creative names for baby girls, boys, and gender-neutral options that encapsulate the essence of the fall season.

47 of My Favorite Autumn Baby Names

Gender-Neutral Fall Baby Names

Gender-neutral names continue to top the charts. Here are some of my favorite outside-the-box picks!

Sage: A Latin name that means ‘wise’ and evokes the fragrant herb.

Cedar: Cedar trees are evergreen, and their wood has a lovely autumnal scent.

Oak: A Sanskrit word that means charming.

Jasper: Derived from “ganzabara”, meaning “bringer of treasure” (also a favorite character of the Twilight series, and nothing is more “Halloween” than vampires).

Crispin: With Latin origins, this name means “curly-haired.” It also reminds me of the “crisp” fall air.

Birch: Inspired by the birch tree common in fall landscapes.

Harvest: A direct nod to the fall season, when many crops are harvested.

Lennox: Of Scottish origin, meaning “elm grove,” evoking images of elm trees during fall.

Carmine: This is a shade of red, reminiscent of the rich colors of autumn.

Crimson: A deep, rich red color that mirrors the shades of many fall leaves.

Perry: This name is a nod to pear trees, which bear fruit in the early fall.

Raven: Evokes images of the blackbird, often associated with the mystery and magic of autumn.

Sorrel: It means “reddish brown,” which aligns with the colors of the season.

Wheatley: Meaning “from the wheat meadow,” it brings forth images of golden wheat fields in the fall.

Garnet: A deep-red gemstone, reminiscent of the colors found during the fall season.

Chestnut: A rich, warm shade and also a type of nut that matures in the fall, perfect for roasting over open fires.

Bramble: Conjures up images of blackberry brambles that are abundant during the autumn season.

Orchard: A reminder of apple orchards and the sweet fragrance of ripe fruit in the fall.

Chai: Inspired by the warm spiced tea that’s particularly comforting in cooler weather.

Cider: Evocative of the warm apple drink many enjoy during the chilly months of fall.

Tawny: This name means a light brown to brownish-orange, capturing the essence of many fall shades.

Russet: Meaning “reddish brown,” this name mirrors the colors of falling leaves.

Barley: Golden fields of barley sway in the fall wind, and it’s also a key ingredient in many autumn harvests.

Saffron: Derived from the precious spice, which has a vibrant golden hue, bringing warmth and luxury to the season.

Autumn Baby Names for Girls

Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius girls are the best girls! Here are some baby girl names inspired by this enchanting season.

Hazel: Derived from the hazelnut tree and a beautiful reminder of golden autumn colors.

Autumn: Of Latin origin, meaning ‘of woods’ – a perfect fall season name.

Ivy: This English and Latin name means, “vine.” The evergreen leaves take on hues of falling leaves in autumn.

Ember: Derived from Old English origin and means “spark.” This fiery name is reminiscent of those deep red leaves we see during crisp autumn weather.

Willow: Inspired by the graceful willow tree.

Amber: An Arabic name denoting a warm honey shade, reminiscent of pumpkin spice and other cozy autumn essence.

Scarlett: Of French origin, meaning ‘red’, capturing the vibrancy of fall.

Sienna: Inspired by the earthy reddish-brown hue, reminiscent of leaves changing color in fall.

Aurelia: A Latin name meaning ‘golden’, echoing golden fall foliage.

Maple: The maple tree is known for its bright fall colors, making this name a sweet nod to the season.

Goldie: Evokes the shimmer of golden autumn leaves and late afternoon sun.

Octavia: A Latin name, reminiscent of the month of October, which is in the heart of the fall season.

Marigold: A golden-yellow flower that blooms during the autumn season.

Bryony: Meaning ‘to sprout’, signifying new beginnings in fall.

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Autumn Baby Names for Boys

The majestic spirit of autumn offers an array of strong and poetic names for little gentlemen on their way. Dive into my favorite fall-inspired baby boy names.

Rowan: This autumn-inspired name means “little redhead” – the perfect pick for a baby with reddish brown hair.

Heath: This is inspired by a shrubland habitat, evoking autumnal vibes.

Asher: A Hebrew name signifying “happiness”.

Rusty: A playful name inspired by the rust-colored leaves of autumn.

Finn: Named after the renowned hero in Irish mythology. 

Archer: This name’s original meaning is “bowman,” which is a great name for a baby born during the fall hunting season.

Forrest: Inspired wooded forests and associated with camping adventures or autumn hikes.

Hawthorn: A tree that bears red berries in the fall, and its name evokes a rustic, autumnal vibe.

Hunter: Meaning “one who hunts.” This name captures that adventurous spirit of autumn.

Whether you’re welcoming your new addition during the crisp Autumn months or just love the enchanting vibe of the season, the baby names above beautifully honor the season.

As autumn represents change, growth, and the fleeting beauty of nature, choosing a name inspired by its elements is a poignant way to mark the beginning of your child’s journey. I hope you find warmth in these names, and may they resonate with the enchanting allure of the season. Here’s to finding the perfect name for your newest family member, a name as special and unique as they are!

Which name resonated most with you? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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