DIY Easy swaddle blanket

You can totally do it: Easy DIY swaddle blanket for babies

This is one easy DIY project that will give you bang for your $5. My mom created the first iterations of our family’s flannel swaddle blankets and I have sewn a few more with these instructions. I even made one large enough to wrap my five-year old when he wanted to be the baby again for a while.

Harvey-Karp-style swaddle, you need a biggish piece of flannel or muslin fabric cut in a square.

STEP ONE: Buy a 40″ by 40″ piece of flannel with a cute pattern. Through trial and error, we have found that the more nubbly flannel works better than smooth because it has better grip.

STEP TWO: Fold over, iron, then (or hem) the edges. A jaggedy stitch holds great and looks like this.

PRO TIP: Mistakes are no big deal. A perfect square makes the best swaddler, but any shape will do for a stroller blanket or play mat. The baby below (Holden) required tight swaddling for several months. The baby doll was much more relaxed and barely put up a fight.

A handful of years later and we’re still using this robot blankie. I also just gifted a few others circa 2005 over the weekend. Sniff.

My real life rookie baby swaddled up

Practice baby doll loving the swaddle

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