Write down your best advice before you forget it

Under my bed there is a box of motherhood-related mementos. One of them is a collection of notes I wrote for Heather who was six months behind me in her baby-having time table. I noted when my milk came in, where Julian slept when he came home from the hospital, when he lost his cord stump and other milestones in which I thought she might be interested.

Now that those events are years behind me, I see the value of those notes even more. Without them, I wouldn’t remember if we gave Julian a pacifier after a few days or a few weeks, and to a brand new mom, those are two completely different amounts of time.

Take some notes – or write emails to yourself – and keep them around for a friend who is going to want all your wisdom. Or for your future self. If you have a second pregnancy, you will benefit from your own insights.

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