So, You Think You Want A UPPAbaby Car Seat? [Breakdown Of The 3 Best]

Uppababy has firmly cemented its reputation in the world of child safety, loved for its blend of style and sturdy design. If you have been diving into research about which car seat is best for your baby, you have undoubtedly come across the UPPAbaby Mesa. It is extremely popular and rated as one of the best by publications like the New York Times and Car and Driver. But, did you know there are two other UPPAbaby car seat options on the market?

Below, I am going to break down all 3 options for you; the Mesa, Knox, and Alta. We will also dive into why UPPAbaby has become such a popular brand and if their car seats are worth the hefty price tag.

What Sets UPPAbaby Car Seats Apart?

Innovative Design

You might be thinking, “How innovative can a car seat really be?”

Trust me, when it comes to things like buckling the car seat in securely and taking the seat covers off to be washed you will appreciate the innovation! UPPAbaby prioritizes being both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing in all its products. Their car seats are crafted with an understanding of modern parents’ needs from the sleek contours that fit seamlessly into most vehicles to intuitive mechanisms that make adjustments a breeze.

It’s this harmony of style, comfort, and functionality that sets UPPAbaby car seats apart from the rest of the market.

UPPAbaby Car Seat Safety Standards

Safety is the most important thing to consider when choosing a car seat. Of course, UPPAbaby car seats are not just designed to meet safety standards, but often, they exceed them. UPPAbaby incorporates advanced side-impact protection, reinforced frames, and high-quality latch systems into their designs. Plus, being easy to install helps ensure that you will get it done properly.

Check out UPPAbaby’s Car Seat Safety Checklist here!

Eco-Friendly Initiatives

This may not seem like the biggest deal, but I really appreciate companies who prioritize sustainable practices. UPPAbaby is continuously exploring sustainable materials and processes to reduce their carbon footprint. The Mesa and Knox car seats are even GREENGUARD GOLD Certified, meaning they have low chemical emissions.

The 3 UPPAbaby Car Seat Options for Every Stage

UPPAbaby is well known for its safety ratings. We’ve selected three car seats of varying size and capabilities.  

UPPAbaby Mesa V2 | $329.99 | Infant Car Seat

Key Features and Specifications

  • Rear-facing infant car seat suitable for infants from 4 to 35 pounds and up to 32 inches in height.
  • No-rethread harness with adjustable headrest and side-impact protection for safety.
  • Includes an integrated, adjustable canopy with UPF 25+ sunshade.
  • Easy installation using the UPPAbaby SMARTSecure system with or without the base.
  • Compatible with UPPAbaby strollers without the need for adapters.
  • Soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking merino wool fabric.
  • Prices can vary based on color and retailer, but they typically range from $329 to $399.

Real Parent Reviews

“Worth every penny!

Before buying our travel system (we purchased the Vista stroller), I spent a lot of time debating whether the cost for this brand would be worth it. ITS WORTH IT! The snap in and snap out of the car seat into the stroller, the easy install of the car seat base, the comfortable infant insert and washable padding – it’s so easy to use and the peace of mind we get from these products as new parents is worth every penny!” – Caroline M. (Reviewed on

Available at Pottery Barn

UPPAbaby Knox | $349.99 | Convertible for Infancy-Toddlerhood

Key Features and Specifications

  • A convertible car seat designed to grow with your child, suitable for infants and toddlers.
  • Can be used in rear-facing mode for infants from 14 to 45 pounds and forward-facing mode for toddlers from 25 to 65 pounds.
  • Adjustable headrest and harness height for optimal comfort and safety.
  • Recline options for comfortable installation.
  • Includes side-impact protection features.
  • The UPPAbaby Knox was priced between $349 and $399, depending on the color and retailer.

Real Parent Reviews

“We tossed between this one and the britax car seat and went with the britax instead. We used it 3 times and our daughter threw up every time we put her in it. So we sent it back and bought this uppababy seat and it’s wonderful. A world of difference. It just looks so much more comfortable. And the safety features are practically the same. If you’re tossing between the two, go with this one.” – GmoneySparkles (Verified Purchase on Amazon)

Available at Pottery Barn

UPPAbaby Alta | $179.99 | Older Children

Key Features and Specifications

  • The UPPAbaby Alta is a booster car seat designed for older children who have outgrown traditional car seats.
  • Suitable for children weighing between 40 and 100 pounds and between 38 and 57 inches tall.
  • Features a Securefit belt routing system for easy installation.
  • Adjustable headrest and multiple recline positions for comfort.
  • Cup holder included.
  • The UPPAbaby Alta booster seat was priced between $159 and $179, depending on the retailer.

Real Parent Reviews

“The seat has a wide base; yet fits in individual bench or bucket seating in car or van. Great for older kids who you would still like to ride in a booster seat with ‘side wings’ for head protection. My 7-year-old rides in this seat.

Neoprene-type fabric (like a wet suit) for the seat is great for wiping off spills and crumbs and is removable by a zipper. Does not snag at all and the seat is very smooth. Great design!

The cup holder is removable. Yay!

I wish that the back of the seat had the option to be removed vs being one solid piece to increase the longevity of the product use due to age of the person sitting in the seat. However, the wide base and fabric ( I bought the black one) overrode the inability to have a removable back to the base, because I know it would hold up from the car seat being used and passed down from one kid to the next.” – Aly (Verified Purchase on Amazon)

Available on Amazon

Are UPPAbaby Car Seats Worth the Investment?

I genuinely believe that the Mesa and Knox car seats are worth the price tag. Their impeccable design, robust safety features, and the brand’s reputation for quality and durability make them stand out in the crowded market of baby gear.

Your infant car seat will get a ton of use, so the Mesa V2 is worth the investment. Plus, it integrates seamlessly into the UPPABaby stroller systems like the ever-popular Vista V2. This makes for a seamless travel system for parents on the go. However, it is worth noting that a lot of parents complain this car seat is heavier than they’d like. If you need to transfer the seat between vehicles or use it as a carrier for extended periods, this may not be an ideal choice.

The Knox is built to last, which is important when you consider convertible car seats get a ton of use! It’s comfortable, roomy, easy to wipe down, and fairly easy to adjust as your little one grows. Again, my vote is that this car seat is worth it!

When it comes to the final UPPAbaby car seat on the list, the Alta, it’s a wonderful option if budget is no concern. It’s roomy for a booster and rates very well in crash tests. That being said, your booster doesn’t need to hold up to constant use the way an infant car seat does nor does it need the longevity the convertible car seat requires. I personally would choose a more affordable booster.

Each of these car seats serves a different purpose but all have the common theme of being a top safety pick for your child. Depending on what stage of car seat life they are in greatly determines which of these car seats is the best pick for you. Remember, using the right car seat for a child’s age, size, and developmental stage and installing it correctly is essential for their well-being in the event of a car accident or sudden stop. With UPPAbaby, you can’t go wrong! 

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