For the Home! – The Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

Oils. If you’re anything like me, you grew up not thinking much of them. They were used to cook and you didn’t want your skin overproducing them. Now, when you hear about oils it’s typically in regard to essential oils, it’s all the rage. You may know, you may not. Maybe you tune out whenever talk gets all oily ”“ besides, adding one more thing to that mama do list just ain’t happenin’! Well, if you’re at all curious (and you should be!), check out all the great benefits of lemon essential oil!

The Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil in your life and home!

Although they’ve gained popularity in the new age of health awareness, essential oils have been used for thousands of years. They are simply the essence of plants, a compound extracted into an oil. Most people know lemons hold a variety of health benefits from their vitamin C and antioxidant properties, to their antimicrobial ability to fight bacteria. So the oil from a lemon must be pretty powerful then, eh? Definitely!

When it comes to the difference between lemon EO and lemon juice, it’s what’s on the outside that counts, as the oil is cold-pressed from the rind rather than the pulp. Like many fruits and veggies, we tend to toss the peel, but did you know it is often the most beneficial part?

That is certainly the case with lemons, as the peel is more nutrient-dense because of its fat-soluble phytonutrients and limonene content. Limonene is responsible for that citrusy scent and has dozens of uses: promotes weight loss, prevents and treats cancer, flavors food and beverages, penetrates skin in medicinal ointments and creams, and as a fragrance and cleansing agent.


When I began my essential oil journey two years ago, lemon was my go to. It seemed like an easy intro oil. I had already used lemons for flavoring water, in cooking and face care, but now I had the power of a whole lemon in a few drops of oil ”“ SAY WHAT!? Yep, it takes approximately 75 lemons to make just one 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil. I quickly began putting a couple drops in my water and searching for other ways I could incorporate this potion into my daily life.

If you have a diffuser like this one, you can’t go wrong with a few drops of lemon EO for a refreshing scent. Citrus smells have been proven to boost mood, reduce stress and improve concentration. Putting it in your water is also a great place to start (glass or stainless steel). Not only can this aid digestion, but you get that vibrant citrus flavor without the seeds or pulp getting in the way or the other three quarters of lemon drying out prior to the next use. Lemon is also a key ingredient in many cleaning and beauty products because of its ability to purify and fight harmful pathogens, bacteria and fungi.


Household Cleaner

If you have small children, you may share my side job of cleaning finger smudges off walls, sticky messes off counters or chairs, and bathtub buildup. You only need a couple drops in most cases or mix 10 drops lemon EO with 1 teaspoon of castile soap and 2 cups of baking soda, shake in a glass jar and wahla, homemade shower/tub/wall scrub without the harsh chemicals. You can also combine with vinegar and water for an all-purpose cleaning spray.

Fruit & Veggie Cleaner/Preservative

Add a couple drops to a bowl of water to cleanse produce or use to naturally preserve precut foods, such as those sliced apples left on your kids’ lunch plates.


A few drops of lemon EO can help remove stains or freshen a load that you left in the washer all day ”¦ again!


Lemon EO can be used in any recipe where lemon juice, extract or grated lemon zest is called for. It adds a zesty flavor to drinks, dressings and marinades! Save yourself the stress of thinking, cutting and squeezing!


Face Wash

One of the many benefits of lemon essential oil is that it can be used to help clear you skin! I love this recipe from Dr. Axe ( and surprisingly it doesn’t make my skin oily, it just seeps into all the best err, dry, places and gets to work cleansing and brightening that complexion. Most recommendations advise using at night rather than morning to avoid photosensitivity (the scientific way of saying sunlight and lemon don’t mix).

Tooth Care

Using lemon EO in your oral care routine will help freshen your breath and whiten teeth. Try mixing two drops with a teaspoon each of coconut oil and baking soda for a toothpaste free of harsh chemicals and naturally whitening.

Highlight Hair

Remember when Sun-In was a thing? Well take a walk down memory lane with the new age version that won’t damage your hair. Mix 20 drops with a half cup of water and spray in before sun exposure to gradually lighten hair over time.

Nail Care

A few drops on your nails can soften cuticles, promote nail growth and fight fungus.


Immunity Support

Add a couple drops to a teaspoon of honey or mix both with warm water for a quick immunity boost and to relieve cough. You can also try mixing with coconut oil as a soothing rub for your chest or back of neck.

Nausea Relief

For all you expecting mammas out there, take advantage of the many benefits of lemon essential oil! Morning sickness again? Yep, lemon EO to the rescue here too. Because there is no citric acid it’s easy on a sensitive stomach. Inhale directly from the bottle every few minutes until symptoms fade, mix with coconut oil and rub on temples or diffuse 3-5 drops.

Digestive Support

If gassiness or constipation have you ready to roar at your littles like a not so cowardly lion, add a couple drops to room temperature water with honey and drink often.

Allergy Relief

One of the life-saving benefits of lemon essential oil can come in handy during peak allergy season! Clear your mucus and drain your lymphatic system by diffusing lemon, spraying with water around the house, inhale directly from bottle or apply topically.

This is just the short list of uses for lemon essential oil, and of course there are lots of companies in the marketplace these days. Be sure to do your research for a reputable company and always use 100% therapeutic grade essential oils with no added ingredients.

I personally use Young Living, the only company that owns its farms or partners with those that operate under their standards for growing, harvesting and distilling ”“ the highest standards in the industry. Anyone can visit these farms and participate in the process. Its standards also include a Seed to Seal guarantee, meaning from the plant seed to the essential oil sealed in the bottle (in its own bottling facility), the process is carefully supervised every step of the way to ensure quality and purity. Plus, its oils are subjected to isotopic ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) analysis which determines whether a particular essential oil is naturally sourced or synthetic (created in a lab). Want to join me? Click here!

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