5 Sleep Tips for Travel + the Lotus Travel Crib

Here’s something you might not have thought about before having kids of your own. Where do babies sleep while traveling? We have one easy solution for this, the Lotus Travel Crib. It is a great solution for on-the-go families looking for a safe spot to lay their baby down.

Baby Sleep Tips While Traveling

When traveling with your little one, it is important to keep to your routine as much as possible. This way your baby won’t get overtired and grumpy, because we know that’s not what anyone wants on vacation. Here are some tips from mamas with experience to help you out. Because you shouldn’t let the fear of a grumpy baby stop you from traveling!

  1. You are allowed to break the rules a little bit, it is vacation after all. Just aim for your baby to get at least one good nap a day. Then, when you are back home pack up the Lotus Travel Crib and return immediately to your normal routine. Granted it might take a few days for your baby to adjust, but stick to it.
  2. Keep things as normal as possible. If your baby normally sleeps with a noise machine, a lovey, and a sleep sack then you need to bring them all along. And make sure you bring them back home with you, too! I have heard countless stories of loveys long lost in airports and vacation homes. Trust me, your baby will not be happy with you.
  3. Speaking of keeping things normal, not only do you need all the stuff but you need to keep the routine; bathtime, reading books, or singing a song. We know you are probably exhausted after long days of travel and exploring, but your baby will go down much easier if you take the time to do their normal routine.
  4. Closets make for great makeshift bedrooms. I know it sounds weird, but hear us out. They are dark, cozy, and the perfect size to put a portable crib in.
  5. Keep any time changes in mind when planning. For a weekend trip, leave your baby on their timezone. For anything longer than 4 days, it might be worth getting them adjusted to the timezone traveled to.

For more family travel trips, check out my article on the Top 5 Mistakes Parents Make When Traveling with Kids. After all, vacation isn’t just about sleep!

All About the Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib

The Stats

  • The Lotus Travel Crib is 13 pounds compared to most other travel cribs at 25 pounds, this is very light.
  • The aluminum frame is sturdy enough to stand up to toddlers and travel abuse.
  • The mattress is insulated and waterproof. If your little one has an accident, you will easily be able to clean it.
  • Every side of the crib has full-height breathable mesh. This also means your little one will be able to see which may bring them comfort.
  • The side zipper door allows for crawl-through access when using this as a playpen during the day.
  • The crib can be packed up to be carried as a backpack, which will leave your hands free.

Here’s Why We Love the Lotus Travel Crib

The main thing about the Lotus Travel Crib is that it is easy for you to bring along, but it’s also really comfortable for your baby to sleep in. You both win in this scenario. Not only that, but it is super versatile. You can use it as a play yard during the day and then a crib at night, giving your baby two safe spaces when traveling.

If you are traveling by yourself, the 3D folding frame which makes this travel crib fold up easily into a backpack is truly a game changer. You can carry it through the airport with ease, even while carrying your baby!

Another feature I love about the Lotus Travel Crib is how comfortable the mattress is. I always felt bad laying my babies down to sleep in playpens, which typically have little cushioning. This is the farthest thing from that though!

Learn more about the Lotus Travel Crib or purchase yours today here!

With our travel tips for sleep in mind and a Lotus Travel Crib, setting out on adventures with your baby should be a breeze! Well, at least the sleep part of it.

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