The 2 Best No-Sew DIY Baby Wraps [Moby Style Tutorial!]

When my second son was born, I really wanted to make my own baby wrap! There are many DIY baby wraps out there, but I decided on doing a Moby-style baby wrap (AKA “the Fauxby”) to keep my little Milo super close. It turned out to be the snuggliest baby carrier that I’ve ever had!

Read on for my top tips for creating your own DIY baby wrap.

Super Easy DIY Baby Wraps

Before we get into the DIY baby wrap tutorial let’s talk a little bit about why baby wearing is so important. First off, moms spend a lot of time multi-tasking. This makes getting things like grocery shopping, laundry, and chasing after other kids difficult when your baby wants to be held all day long.

Baby wearing can be a huge help. It is like growing an extra set of arms. You can now soothe your baby AND get your stuff done all at the same time! Voila!

Beyond that, baby wearing also serves a much deeper purpose. Did you know that baby wearing is good for your baby’s cognitive and social development? It’s true they get to hear you speak and interact with others which helps develop their language skills and they feel all of your movement which they find stimulating too!

Baby wraps also prevent your baby from developing a flat head (plagiocephaly). And, babies that are worn in carriers are also known to regulate their heart rate and temperature better.

So, you see babywearing is fantastic for moms and babies alike. But, they can also cost you an arm & a leg. So, here is another option. You can try our DIY Moby Baby Wrap. This affordable option means you can make multiple baby wraps to match your different styles and looks too!!

How to Create Your Own DIY Baby Wraps

Heather says, “My mom helped me to hem the edges. Once I saw how legitimately simple it was, I made another two on my own.”

DIY Baby Wrap Tutorial


  • Muslin fabric, 5 yards (one long piece will usually yield two wraps)
  • A patch made from another material.
  • Thread in your sewing machine.

*Pro Tip: Have them cut the fabric at the store for you!


  1. Cut the fabric in half lengthwise so it is 20 inches wide and 5 yards long
  2. Iron, pin, then hem the edges.
  3. Adhere your patch to the middle of the wrap so you can easily find it by feel.

Not a big fan of sewing? No Problem! Try this DIY Baby Wraps Trick.

Buy a knit fabric that has some stretch. The ends will look raw, but they will not unravel. This is sort of a Flashdance-style wrap. Look for 5% spandex or lycra and 95% cotton. You’ll need 5 yards, and the width will be 42 inches. Fold it in half and cut along the fold.

This is what the material will look like all spread out.

How to wear it?

I experimented a bit before I asked the woman at our local baby gear shop to fit me properly. The video below should help you out!

If you decide DIYing just isn’t for you, don’t stress!

Grab the MOBY Wrap on Amazon here!

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