Go camping

We’re getting ready for a camping trip this weekend, the first time with both the babes. Holden was camping for his first birthday (pictured) and again when I was pregnant (what was I thinking? of course I’m kidding, it was great).

As long as we have our coffee, travel Scrabble, and a gang of other competent parent friends, what can possibly go wrong?

So the activity is to rally some other friends with babies for a camping adventure. Pick some place close enough to home that you can be delayed getting out the door and still enjoy much of the day outside (also easy to return home in case the comforts of home are needed!).

When it was just us with a 12-month old, Holden loved the sleeping-in-tent experience. We purchased a tent big enough for the pack-n-play, and laid out our sleeping bags next to his cage portacrib. If you go with a younger baby, you may be able to get away with the moses basket… or, heck, if you’re already a co-sleeper, maybe you can all snuggle into a few zipped together sleeping bags!

This coming weekend, we’re hoping to celebrate the Indian Summer weather with a six family camping trip of preschoolers, babies, and toddlers. Wish us luck!

Download our gear packing checklist {pdf} to make the “getting out the door” part easier. It is our go-to list for babies, and can be easily pared down for kids requiring less stuff.

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