Dyper Review – Is this Bamboo Diaper Service Worth it?

There are so many decisions to make when it comes to choosing the brands and products that we trust. Recently we tested out Dyper’s Bamboo Diaper delivery service. Our complete Dyper Review is below!.

The brand Dyper is unique because they provide a natural and comfortable option for your child. In addition to offering a natural diaper, this is a subscription service that you can customize using their app to help you maintain a steady supply. Below you will find everything you need to know about Dyper!

When it comes to your baby’s bum, we highly recommend Dyper bamboo diapers and subscription service. It is the easiest way to maintain a steady supply of diapers in the right size.

Inside the Brand – No Harmful Chemicals

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Dyper was started by a father who saw a few problems in the baby diaper industry. He wanted to provide a service that would help parents avoid running out of diapers all while ensuring gentleness on the baby’s skin. He did not want his diapers to contain harmful chemicals like so many others on the market, and he wanted to help the environment by reducing the impact traditional diapers have on landfills.

The result is the brand Dyper, which incorporates all those things and more. The diapers are also compostable, as are the packing materials. This reduces the amount of product in landfills and gives parents an environmentally friendly option without having to turn to cloth diapering. On top of all this, the subscription is still budget-friendly. The subscription service is also customizable and adjustable so you will have as many diapers as you need without running out or having a huge stock.

Everything You Can Have Delivered from Dyper from Bamboo Diapers to Wipes

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Dyper Bamboo Diapers

As you may have guessed, the main draw of the Dyper Subscription Service is their bamboo diapers. Because the main component of each diaper is bamboo, they have a very soft feel and are also biodegradable under the right conditions. These diapers have no chlorine, latex, alcohol, lotions, or dyes making them a durable and odorless product that is safe for daily use.

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The design allows the core to wick moisture away from the skin. This will help protect the baby’s bottom and reduce irritation. They’re also super easy to get on and off, which is a lifesaver with a wiggly little one. The front of each diaper has a pH wetness indicator stripe, giving you a quick way to check for a wet diaper. This added feature helps parents stay on top of diaper changes while eliminating the guesswork, saving you unnecessary diaper changes which in turn saves you money and reduces waste.

Just like the brand and the service, these diapers were designed to minimize your worry and keep your baby happy.

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Cloth Diapers from Dyper

If Dyper’s bamboo diapers may not be for you, luckily they offer cloth diapers too! Their cloth diapers are just as comfortable and use an all-in-one design with bamboo and microfiber. The diapers also get softer and more absorbent after each wash, increasing the comfort and practicality.

The cloth diapers come in a 12 pack with three colors; solid silver, solid yellow, and blue and white stripes. Just as with the disposable diaper option, a diaper subscription for cloth offers all the diapers you’ll need with the flexibility to adjust your deliveries as needed.

Dyper Subscription Add-Ons

Along with bamboo diapers and cloth diapers, Dyper can deliver:

  • Briefs: training pants that offer the same quality as the diapers
    • Size recommended for children over 30 lbs
  • Wipes: disposable 5 ingredient wet wipes
    • Designed with the same principles and materials as the diapers
  • Cream: Vegan diaper balm
    • Natural ingredients, cruelty-free, and smooth application
  • Sense: A small senor syncs with an app that provides insight into baby’s skin
    • This can help optimize diaper changes, reduce waste, and reduce rashes
  • Bag: A brand diaper bag to help make diaper changes easy on the go
    • Offered in a medium blue color and has multi-carry straps
  • Pail: A minimalist designed diaper pail to reduce odor and keep things clean
    • You can use this for disposable diapers with a biodegradable trash bag
    • You can also use it for cloth diapers before a wash
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Dyper Subscription Service – Get Only the Diapers You Need

Pretty much with every child, I found myself stuck with a box of diapers I barely used because my baby grew so fast. Dyper uses predictive technology to estimate the quantity and size of diapers you’ll need at any one time. AND if the service did not correctly get you enough diapers, you can have replacement diapers delivered in as little as four hours! The Dyper subscription service allows you to have premium bamboo diapers delivered directly to your door. Each package ships free and will arrive within 2 to 3 days. Diapers can also be delivered while you’re out of town on vacation which lets you enjoy your time away from home without worry.

The subscription service is available for the biodegradable disposable bamboo diaper, starting at $68. The cloth diapers start at $129 for 12. Disposable briefs can also be purchased with a subscription service. Once you sign up for your first order you can go into your account and adjust sizing for each child, your delivery schedules, and maintain your account.

SOS Service

While they do use smart technology to help predict and provide an adequate supply Dyper knows that things can get unpredictable. This is why they offer their SOS Service.

If you need this emergency service, you just press a simple button in your Dyper App. You just press it when you’re running low and won’t make it to your next delivery. This creates an emergency delivery which is offered at no charge and can be to your door in as little as 4 hours. Some deliveries may take a day or 2 depending on your location. 2 SOS deliveries are included in each subscription per year.

ReDyper Service

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Another reason to use Dyper is the fact that their diapers are biodegradable. While many families love this feature, not all are able to recycle their diapers at home. The ReDyper service provides boxes, bags, and prepaid shipping labels to allow you to ship your diapers to TetraCycle which will compost them. This process is safe, easy to use, and helps keep diapers out of the landfill. This service is an added subscription of $39 per delivery.

Dyper as a brand provides a quality product with amazing customer service. Between the products, the services, and the care that goes into each package as well as their predictive technology, you will feel taken care of and provided for when working with Dyper. You can’t beat eco-friendly diapers being delivered right to your door! Check out more about Dyper Here!

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