Reader tip: Use frozen breastmilk for teething relief

Many years ago, someone who worked for Orajel gave us the suggestion to store the tube of teething gel in the fridge in order to provide even more relief to baby’s gums. I’m not sure we ever shared that tip in this space, and I really forgot about it until today when rookie mom Rachel posted her own clever teething solution on our Facebook page.

“Freeze breast milk (or presumably formula) in small rounded ice cube tray. Rub frozen milk lozenges on baby’s gums to help relieve and numb.” Rachel, pictured with baby Gabe above, suggested that this will help baby feel more comfortable nursing – or just comfort at any point.

Do you have any teething remedies for babies who are fussy, drooly, or bitey?

Thanks so much for sharing your tip, Rachel! We love hearing from you guys. Feel free to send us your *a-ha* moments at moms AT

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