Find a carousel and grab the brass ring

Baby on a merry-go-round could go either way

Holden and I tackled the old-timey carousel in Martha’s Vineyard this summer, and he was horrified for the most part. It was a super sweaty experience (heat wave!), too noisy and, to be fair, I had not properly prepped him on what to expect.

For my local readers, there’s a merry-go-round at Tilden Park that’s supposed to be great. The merry-go-round is big, slow, and pretty, having been lovingly restored. There’s another historic carousel that’s part of the Zeum in San Francisco and it’s indoors– a good winter outing.
National Carousel Association website and bring your tot for a wild ride. Regardless of whether it’s actually fun for either of you, make sure to take pictures!

And can anybody tell me what’s the difference between merry-go-round and carousel anyway?

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