Take a shower

This is my shower. Don’t waste your precious nap time by taking a shower.

In honor of my friend Vasco, who just had his first baby boy Milo over the weekend, I offer one of my favorite tips/activities.

Try out the bouncy seat or swing and bring the baby into the bathroom with you for a quick shower. Leave the door ajar if steam is a problem. If your baby is not into bouncing or swinging, some moms wheel the stroller right in.

Our bathroom has a huge mirror so Holden could (theoretically) watch himself and the shower and I could see him if I peeked out. Of course, at a few weeks old, he’s not watching anything. Taking a shower feels good all around. Helps with aches, wakes you up, and gives you a great accomplishment. Now, add showering to your ta-da list and get some rest.

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