Eat your own dog food

For those of you not in the business world, this expression, “Eat your own dogfood” means that you should be willing to use the product you’re selling. You know, like “I’m not just the President of the Hair Club for Men… I’m also a member.” Or in this case: Take your own advice.

Heather and I frequently call one another after work and say “What is there to do this afternoon?” What?! We, the authors of hundreds of activities, cannot ourselves think of something to do today? “We should eat our own dogfood,” Heather might say, meaning that we should check the posts on our very own web site for an idea we might not have tried recently.

Even though I know the Zoo is awesome, I’m often too lazy to pack up the diaper bag, or too fearful that traffic is going to stick me in a small space with a whining toddler for longer than I can handle. But I need to get over my fears, and get on with my dog-food-eating.

Do you find that you’re such a genius giving other people care, compassion, and good advice but not so good at taking it? Your challenge for today is to do an activity you may have found yourself recommending to someone else.

And if we haven’t thought of it ourselves… tell us about it using the comments!

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