Schedule something special for yourself

Looking for a little “me” time? Jessica had the brilliant idea of using her Google Calendar to schedule in some quality time for herself and called it “a year of lovely things to do.”

I’ll be receiving e-mail “reminders” of “events” such as “read a poem today” or “go browse at a bookstore this week,” or “listen to at least one song on headphones this week.”

Her list includes:
Listen To An Old Favorite CD This Week
Draw A Picture of Something You See Out the Window

My list would include:
Have a healthy snack
Make more lists
Schedule a massage

If you are looking for more inspiration, have a look at Keri’s list of 100 ideas.

You can use other digital calendars with reminder features for the same effect (Yahoo!, Outlook, whatev). The trick is that you treat these reminders as important commitments to yourself.

[via ParentHacks]

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